Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Things should comes from your heart

In many stages of my life, I have seen people do favor to other people but me. I thought a lot why is this happening? Why not me? Now I understand everything is coming from their heart. People do favor for others when they feel them from heart. If it doesn't they won't do anything for you. I also never force for it. If you don't have feelings for me from your heart, you don't need to do anything for me (well, nobody won't do any favor for me if they don't have feel for me). Though, that might be my right to get it from them.

Let me give you some simple example. When we were children, my mom was making rooti and put it on the table. When I sit to take my breakfast she just took it in front of me to give it to my elder sis and gave me previous day's rooti to eat. I wasn't the person to whom she wanted to give the fresh one.

If I ask my husband to drop me at home, he doesn't feel good. He gives excuses that in the road traffic is too much; it will be very hard for him to drop me and then come back (and it's not a lie). But he will do this for others happily.

My previous office returned some of their employee's share's money. But not to me. Now they are feeling they don't have enough money to return my one.

Shahana Shafiuddin

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