Friday, July 29, 2011

Feeling little unhappy

Me at the very first birthday of somewhere in...

I had got an invitation to join a party throw by our previous company. I tried to join them but failed. Some urgent personal work was there to attend. I am really very sorry. May be some other time I will join them, if I get chance.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

People maintain status/class

Shafeen, took this picture by himself

In Bangladesh people always maintain their class or status. Especially in the economic condition, people maintain their status. Who are rich they don’t like to mix with less rich or poor people. Well this happens everywhere in the world. But here case is little more different.

Among friends, those who got job doesn’t like to keep relation with who doesn’t have any. Then people, who have car, don’t like to make friendship that doesn’t have any car. Even they don’t like to give lift to those who doesn’t have car, but they will easily give lift that does have car.

Now recent class formed. Friends who migrated to other country don’t like to keep communication that doesn’t or couldn’t. After long time, may be one friend from Australia might ask you hey friend, how are you? Where are you now? If you replied I am in Canada now, then fine. But if you say, I am in Bangladesh, in very next moment they will stop talking/chatting with you. Because, you are still not grown up to their class, they are foreigner now, you know.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diet control

Me and Shafeen (my son) in front of Mirpur cricket stadium during ICC world cup 

I was little proud of myself that I can control myself for taking any kind of food. When I get attack by allergy I stopped taking many food without confirming weather they will make allergy reaction on me or not. Some of them were very favorite food of mine. Like beef, Hilsha fish etc.
Now I am little overweighed. I want to remove some extra pound from my body. First I stopped taking food at night. But that didn’t worked. Then I stopped taking food at breakfast. That didn’t work out too. Now I am only taking vegetables and fruits. I hope this will work. But I think, I am not that much strong as I was earlier. Every minute in my mind I am looking for other foods. But still I am controlling myself. I will continue this food habit, until I get the perfect weight.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Demo design for

Faisal made this design for an online shopping company,

Friday, July 22, 2011

Comment in The Daily Ittefaq web site

Shafeen watching his own drawing

I regularly visit The Daily Ittefaq news paper web site. I have seen their news is much more fare then others.  In the site, with every news details they have option to add comment. Today I registered and activated my account. Then I added comments with 2 news details.  After adding my comment, the page again showing, there is no comment available here. And they didn’t even inform me that my comments will be verified and then will publish or anything like that. Then why this comment option has given? And where are my comments gone?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shafeen prays in this Shab E Barat

Shafeen praying with his dad over here

Shafeen is now 2 and half years old (my son). I always pray for whole night in Shab E Barat. This year Shafeen joined me. He was with me till 2.30am. Then fall in sleep. He prays with Tasbih with his brother Tameem (9 years old, my elder sister’s son). Shafeen likes to follow his brother always. And also pray Salat with me. I hope Allah will give him very good Barat next year.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Demo design for Shaptak Grihayan Limited

Faisal made this demo in flash. I am giving just a snapshot without the animation.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Subtitle should be added in Bangladeshi TV serial

Shafeen watching TV

You know, all TV channels are global now. Everywhere from this earth people can see any channel. I have seen some TV serials from Europe, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and India etc. I didn’t know their language (Except India), but by reading subtitles I could easily understood what was happening there.

We should think about our TV shows also. People can view our TV shows if they have subtitles. Even I can see and understand by muting the sound while my son sleeping J

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Reliability is much more important than skill in a company

When you select employee for your workplace you always look for their skill. Otherwise how they will work for you? Here another thing is very important which you might ignore or don’t get to understand in one interview. That is reliability or trustiness. The person who is working for you they have to be reliable. If you only notice the skill, they might one day take your own company from you. Or do harm to your company. When you give your company to a reliable person, they won’t make any harm to it or let other make harm on it. So, your company will be much safer with these guys. If they are little weak in their skill you can train them or accept slow work. Its better, you know.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shafeen give value to the meaning of his name


“Shafeen” (my 2 and half years old son) means he who cures. Yesterday a mosquito bites me on my leg. Because of my etching it made a spot. Today when we go to bed my son noticed that. He asked me, did mosquito bite you? I said, yes. He replied, please give me the medicine I will put on it. I said now I don’t have the medicine, why don’t you go to sleep. He didn’t listen to me; he took his water pot and tried to give some water to wash that spot. I stopped him. Then he covered my leg with blanket and said; now mosquito won’t be able to bite you again. Finally my doctor Shafeen satisfies by taking care of his mom.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Building with steel

In Bangladesh, we use to build houses by using cement, iron, wood, glass etc. Steel is quite expensive over here. But time is changing now. New builders are now interested in steel too. May be in future Steel buildings will be introduced over here too. This country is growing at introducing new technologies also. Now we (our country) are producing steels. There are some big companies who are producing steel, building materials. You know competition makes better product. So future of steel building looks great. Please check this YouTube video. You will like to see this future steel building.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shafeen's aim in life

Shafeen is driving

When I was a child before I think what I should become, my mom told me that I could be a good teacher. Again after grown up, my mom said I could be a very good lawyer, because I am very good in logical arguing. May be, but I wanted to travel. That’s why I completed my MSc in Geography and Environment.

Anyway, my son is now 2 and half years old. One day we were going out in a rickshaw. He suddenly said, he wants to drive ambulance. The very first aim in his life is a driver of an ambulance! As a mom should I be happy?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Health view website

Faisal made this design for a website which was full of doctors info. From where people could get info about doctors, book time, get info about fees and others. Its not online now.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

They are not dishonest, they don’t have humanity


Yes, I am talking about business men who are in food business. Especially who are in production level.  To avoid poisoned mango we started collecting mango from Rajshahi (famous for mango production in Bangladesh). But now a day people use to spray chemicals when the mangoes were in the tree. So, there is no way to avoid these poisons.

Few days ago a school teacher brought some food trees at home. Some small mango and lemon were in the tree when she brought those. After 3 months she found fruits are still in same small size and hard. It’s not growing or getting rotten. Like a plastic one. But they were real. Don’t know what they did to them. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Demo website for Dentists

Faisal made this demo for dentists long time back.

Holiday competitions

What you do when you are free or when you are in your holidays? I believe after completing your house hold work you like find some time for playing. I know you are not a kid but inside every human being a small baby is sleeping. Who wants to play and enjoy and have competitions and win and laugh a lot. Let me give you a suggestion for Holiday competitions. You can click the link and have fun. I am sure you want a good healthy competition from which will turn your holidays in big days. And you will like to go there more and more time.

Monday, July 4, 2011

For shopping the places I go

Shafeen at PQS

When I decide for shopping for some necessary things first I think where I should go to get the best thing. Then I start calculating which place is near from my place, where I can get in cheap and finally where I should get good environment. Last one is very important for me. I have small kid with me. I can’t go to the local market (kacha bazar) for fresh vegetables and other things in cheap. Again, I have to work alone so I always prefer some kind of processed chicken (cleaned by shopping mall), fish (cut by shop keeper). Again I am not good in arguing for prices. So I better go for fixed price shop. That’s why in most cases I prefer shopping mall. All shopping malls are not near from my house and all doesn’t well in every item. So each time I go for shopping I go to different shopping malls. Like I go Nandan, PQS, Agora and Shapna. Sometimes Mina bazaar too. For pricing I like Nandan. Almas doesn’t have vegetables and meat section. But they are good in cosmetics and baby materials. For readymade dresses I like Arong. They have good collection for over weighted people like me J . New market is good for footpath (hockers) shopping. But it’s far away from my house so I go to mouchak market. My youngest sis suggests that khigaon Taltola market is good in hockers item. Someday will check that too.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Warning to All Ladies in Pursuit of Life Long Partner

I found this post on bloggers and liked to share with you all.

Warning to All Ladies in Pursuit of Life Long Partner

Some may think that what I'm about to share is shameful. I've been through too many things, I don't even blink when you talk about any types of failed relationships. At this age, everyone knows how aunts would hover over you on marriage, as much as they can. Their starting lines ; 'We're concerned' 'You're a pretty and successful lady, men are so dumb nowaday' 'Are you OK? You don't look too well...' yada yada. And there's always advices here and there, especially on how I should work on it, how I should be open to everyone, don't be picky...

You know what? I don't have a lineup of guys, just waiting to be picked. I don't just sit and look pretty, awaiting for my knight to come. I don't appreciate anyone's concern and advices on how to look for men. In fact, I feel like slapping anyone that even comes near to starting a conversation on how to...

Among my friends, I'm proud to say that I've dated enough for 2 to 3. I've tried speed dating. I've dated all races of Malaysia and more. I've even signed up on matrimonal sites and dating sites. Latest I signed up for was OkCupid. First look at it; very promising. Just after a day of signup, I got 4 emails already. I was open; I said Hi back and so forth. I even went out with few of the guys who seemed nice.

Then came Mark Davidson; a man who had lost his wife six years ago, the only son to a Scottish lady, and he lives in London. Dad had passed away, and he is conveniently without children. He's 47, pleasant looking and he knows how to speak to a lady. We started with emailing then came the daily calls and love emails. Within a week, he fell in love with me, I'm sunshine to his otherwise dead soul. I didn't believe this, its impossible for anyone to fall that quickly. He had a funny accent, unlike the Scottish, English or Cockney accents I'm used to, with my customers. This was one of the second thing I sensed wrong. A month goes by, and his mom called, to know how I feel for him. She was coughing, so I told my concerns to Mark. He was in Iraq for business at that time, and tried to provide her some money to go to the hospital, but couldn't coz he couldn't find any banks in Iraq. Third bull. He asks for my help to wire her GBP2000. Thanks to my genius instincts and acting skills, I acted as if I wanted to help him, so i asked him for his hotel details, so I could locate a reliable bank around the area. And in that moment, his friend decided to help pitch in. He was conveniently in London.

He continues to call and email me love letters, and I started to fall for him, even though deep in my heart, I know I should be cautious coz of what had happened. Few weeks pass, and he decided to take it to the next level; to meet mom and proclaim his love with marriage. He decided to come over. Confirms for today, 7/2/10 to fly over from London, and landing at 10am. I asked for flight itenary; he keeps on stalling, saying he's so busy, coz he'll be leaving the office for a month to be in Malaysia. I wanted to book his hotel, he says he didn't want to bother me too much. I didn't want to think too much, so I let it go. This morning, I checked with KLIA on arrivals, and his flight was supposed to arrive at 7am. He didn't call till 10am, saying that he thought I was in Penang, so he took the next flight to Penang, from KLIA. Upon arrival, he was stopped by customs, coz he brought in GBP40k (initially the custom officer said GBP40, but when I told her its ridiculous to stop someone for that amount of money, she change to add the thousand) and expired license for business. I asked to speak to the custom officer, and he asked her to call me. She called using her mobile (which would have been expensive, and no one would do that for a total stranger) and explained these offences. I got so annoyed at how she is unable to explain thoroughly, and how she keeps insisting that she didn't need to help, but felt that she wanted to, since she pitied Mark. After many attempts at getting her to speak (I even said sorry for raising my voice; he asked me to, since she wouldn't speak to me, and I was risking him being deported forever) she finally put a price of RM10k for compound payment. This is when I confirmed that its was all a frame up. I spoke to him about this, and he went crazy and said I was forcing him to report to embassy, and he won't be able to come back to Malaysia, and I was destroying what we built. I told him to go ahead do whatever he wants to, and I will call Penang customs to verify her existance. I did, and found out that it was all a drama. She doesn't exist in the office, there is no such thing as a customs retaining room, and they never detain anyone for those 2 offences. Customs would only detain the cash and whatever things not declared.

He called twice after that, but I decided not to pick up. I just wanted to break clean off this sick drama. I don't know why some people would do this to anyone, but I do hope this wouldn't happen to any of my friends and relatives. Do be careful.