Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eid Mubarak

Shafeen playing with grandfather's (maternal) cap and tasbih

Eid Mubarak to you all. I had a one month plan and to do list for this month of Ramadan and Eid. But couldn't succeed. That's why feeling little disturbed. But still it's Eid. This is a celebration day and I will enjoy every bit of it. As much as possible.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lessons for a Project Manager


-          Project manager should keep some time for testing.
-          Documents should be updated whenever any changes or new feature came.
-          Asses project plan before making any QA plan.
-          Regular checking Project time schedule, are developers following project plan, Lesson’s from review, 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Food poisoning after taking food from BFC

Shafeen and Faisal at BFC, waiting for food

In Bangladesh, it’s very difficult to find good food. You can’t expect from anywhere, that after taking the food, you won’t be fall in sick. That’s why I started taking food from very selective food court. Like BFC, Boomers, CFC, Star kabab, Sowajdi, Ontorongo, Ghorowa, Utshob, FFC etc. But these are also making their food quality lower and lower.
Boomers lost its delicious taste of food. But at least you won’t be sick after taking their food.
Yesterday we (me, Shafeen and Faisal) went to do some Eid shopping and before returning home, we decided to take Chicken Burger from BFC (Baily road brunch) as Iftar. You know, after shopping, any of us won’t have any energy to make Iftary. I choose a combo set with burger, french-fry and soft drink. I ordered coleslaw too. In the iftar when we were taking food we found the burger little spicy and then these food made my husband Faisal terribly sick by food poisoning. BFC loose our trust too.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Linux wallpaper (review)

I like to use different wallpaper in my pc. And like to change it frequently. When I open the pc it changes my mood.

 Recently I found a site where I can get free Linux Wallpapers. It has different categories of wallpapers. Like abstracts, architecture, celebrities, fantasy, food, general, movie poster, nature, virtual etc. Picture qualities are great. I bet your desktop wallpapers will shine. If you are religious minded, then you can find Islamic wallpapers too. There you will find different mosques picture. In the month of Ramadan that will be great.

All pictures have different option to download according to your monitor size. Like
800 x 600
1024 x 768 (iPad)
1280 x 960
1280 x 1024
1280 x 800
1440 x 900
1600 x 1200
Original Size

In facebook you can also find their updates. You can also share any of the pictures to facebook, myspace or twiter. Most of all you will love this site and its wallpapers.

Schedule of QA

In a software or web industry, there must be a QA (quality assurance) person or department. And there could be several projects running at the same time. So, they had to make a QA schedule. Here is an example in the above picture.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eaten too much in the Iftar

No matter how delicious food you get, you should never eat too much. I know this and forget it when I see good or my favorite foods. Like what happen yesterday. I ate too much, now feeling not good.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

You should not lose your best friends

Best friends Faisal and Shafeen (father and son)

In our life we passes many stages of our life, like pre-school life, school life, college life, university life, job life, social life, marriage life etc. In every stage we meet new people. Some stays with our life for long time or forever, some disappears. We should know who our good friends are and who are bad. We shouldn’t lose any of our good friends. Friends are precious. Every step of your life they stay with you. Give you good advice; help you in every single way. Everybody doesn’t get a good friend. People are very lucky who gets a good friend. Now your job is to keep communication with them and be a good friend of them too. Otherwise time may remove them from your life. And you won’t have anyone in your life to share your thoughts.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Check list for QA


Following is the check list which can be adopted by the QA.

System concept
 Client
 system environment (OS, Database, Application server)
 System concept (general)
 Dead line (may be approximate)

 Software management plan
 Requirement doc.
 Environment requirement.
 Available design doc.
 Write test scripts
 Approval authority
 Available module which can be re-use
 Software management chain
 User guide (including installation, restore data, version desctiption)
+  Available time for testing
 Make testing plan
 Inform about plan and all’s role to the key person/all
 Install system in test server with same environment as client
 Issue tracking system and process flow
 Prepare test cases
 Plan for software update and change manage
 Address the role of all testers.
 Risks
 Suitable scrum time
 Build planning
 Product delivery plan.
 Project monitor (JIRA, Triple tex, test server, Scrum).
 How client will verify (test server).
 Code review

 Is project and testing going on as planned
 Is time maintaining
 Project well documented?
 Audit complete
 Lesion learned

Pages fit within the resolution(800x600) or client specific
+ Design works with liquid tables to fill the user's window size.
+ Print versions provided for documents (liquid tables may negate this necessity). Accommodates A4 size paper.
+ Site doesn't use frames.
+ Complex tables are minimized.
 Design doc review

Home vs. Subsequent Pages & Sections
+ Home page logo is larger and more centrally placed than o¬n other pages.
+ Home page includes navigation, summary of news/promotions, and a search feature.

+ Logo is present and consistently placed o¬n all subsequent pages (towards upper left hand corner).
+ "Home" link is present o¬n all subsequent pages (but not home page).
+ If sub sites are present, each has a home page, and includes a link back to the global home page.

+ Navigation supports user scenarios gathered in the User Task Assessment phase (prior to design).
+ Users can see all levels of navigation leading to any page.
+ Breadcrumb navigation is present (for larger and some smaller sites).

+ Navigation can be easily learned.
+ Navigation is consistently placed and changes in response to rollover or selection.
+ Navigation is available when needed (especially when the user is finished doing something).
+ Supplemental navigation is offered appropriately (links o¬n each page, a site map/index, a search engine).
+ Navigation uses visual hierarchies like movement, color, position, size, etc., to differentiate it from other page elements.
+ Navigation uses precise, descriptive labels in the user's language. Icon navigation is accompanied by text descriptors.
+ Navigation answers: Where am I (relative to site structure); Where have I been (obvious visited links); Where can I go (embedded, structural, and associative links)?
+ Redundant navigation is avoided.

Functional Items
+ Terms like "previous/back" and "next" are replaced by more descriptive labels indicating the information to be found.
+ Pull-down menus include a go button.
+ Logins are brief.
+ Forms are short and o¬n o¬ne page (or demonstrate step X of Y, and why collecting a larger amount of data is important and how the user will benefit).
+ Documentation pages are searchable and have an abundance of examples. Instructions are task-oriented and step-by-step. A short conceptual model of the system is available, including a diagram that explains how the different parts work together. Terms or difficult concepts are linked to a glossary.
 Is there any requirement left as under construction or untouched.

+ Links are underlined.
+ Size of large pages and multi-media files is indicated next to the link, with estimated download times.
+ Important links are above the fold.
+ Links to related information appear at bottom of content or above/near the top.
+ Linked titles make sense out of context.
+ If site requires registration or subscription, provides special URLs for free linking. Indicates the pages are freely linkable, and includes and easy method to discover the URL.
+ If site is running an ad, it links to a page with the relevant content, not the corporate home page.
In content:
+ Keeps linked phrases short to aid scanning (2-4 words).
+ Links o¬n meaningful words and phrases. Avoids phrases like, "click here."
+ Includes a brief description of what the user should expect o¬n the linked page.
In code:
+ Uses relative links when linking between pages in a site. Uses absolute links to pages o¬n unrelated sites.
+ Uses link titles in the code for IE users (preferably less than 60 characters, no more than 80).

Search Capabilities
+ A search feature appears o¬n every page (exceptions include pop-up forms and the like).
+ Search box is wide to allow for visible search parameters.
+ Advanced Search, if included, is named just that (to scare off novices).
+ Search system performs a spelling check and offers synonym expansion.
+ Site avoids scoped searching. If included it indicates scope at top of both query and results pages, and additionally offers an automatic extended site search immediately with the same parameters.
+ Results do not include a visible scoring system.
+ Eliminates duplicate occurrences of the same results (e.g., vs. vs.

Page Design
+ Content accounts for 50% to 80% of a page's design (what's left over after logos, navigation, non-content imagery, ads, white space, footers, etc.).
+ Page elements are consistent, and important information is above the fold.
+ Pages load in 10 seconds or less o¬n users bandwidth.
+ Pages degrade adequately o¬n older browsers.
+ Text is over plain background, and there is high contrast between the two.
+ Link styles are minimal (generally o¬ne each of link, visited, hover, and active states). Additional link styles are used o¬nly if necessary.
+ Specified the layout of any liquid areas (usually content) in terms of percentages.

Fonts and Graphics
+ Graphics are properly optimized.
+ Text in graphics is generally avoided.
+ Preferred fonts are used: Verdana, Arial, Geneva, sans-serif.
+ Fonts, when enlarged, don't destroy layout.
+ Images are reused rather than rotated.
+ Page still works with graphics turned off.
+ Graphics included are necessary to support the message.
+ Fonts are large enough and scalable.
+ Browser chrome is removed from screen shots.
+ Animation and 3D graphics are generally avoided.

Content Design
+ Uses bullets, lists, very short paragraphs, etc. to make content scannable.
+ Articles are structured with scannable nested headings.
+ Content is formatted in chunks targeted to user interest, not just broken into multiple pages.
+ No moving text; most is left-justified; sans-serif for small text; no upper-case sentences/paragraphs; italics and bold are used sparingly.
+ Dates follow the international format (year-month-day) or are written out (August 30, 2001). Depends on client.

+ Writing is brief, concise, and well edited.
+ Information has persistent value.
+ Avoids vanity pages.
+ Starts each page with the conclusion, and o¬nly gradually added the detail supporting that conclusion.
+ One idea per paragraph.
+ Uses simple sentence structures and words.
+ Gives users just the facts. Uses humor with caution.
+ Uses objective language.

Folder Structure
+ Folder names are all lower-case and follow the alpha-numeric rules found under "Naming Conventions" below.
+ Segmented the site sections according to:
• Root directory (the "images" folder usually goes at the top level within the root folder)
• Sub-directories (usually o¬ne for each area of the site, plus an images folder at the top level within the root directory)
• Images are restricted to o¬ne folder ("images") at the top level within the root directory (for global images) and then if a great number of images are going to be used o¬nly section-specifically, those are stored in local "images" folders

Naming Conventions
+ Uses client’s preferred naming method. If possible, uses longer descriptive names (like "content_design.htm" vs. "contdesi.htm").
+ Uses alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9) and - (dash) or _ (underscore)
+ Doesn't use spaces in file names.
+ Avoids characters which require a shift key to create, or any punctuation other than a period.
+ Uses o¬nly lower-case letters.
+ Ends filenames in .htm (not .html).

+ Any files taking longer than 10 seconds to download include a size warning (>50kb o¬n a 56kbps modem, >200kb o¬n fast connections). Also includes the running time of video clips or animations, and indicate any non-standard formats.
+ Includes a short summary (and a still clip) of the linked object.
+ If appropriate to the content, includes links to helper applications, like Adobe Acrobat Reader if the file is a .pdf.

Page Titles
+ Follows title strategy ... Page Content Descriptor : Site Name, Site section (E.g.: Content Implementation Guidelines : CDG Solutions, Usability Process )
+ Tries to use o¬nly two to six words, and makes their meaning clear when taken out of context.
+ The first word(s) are important information-carrying o¬ne(s).
+ Avoids making several page titles start with the same word.

+ Describes the article in terms that relate to the user.
+ Uses plain language.
+ Avoids enticing teasers that don't describe.

+ Uses CSS to format content appearance (as supported by browsers), rather than older HTML methods.
+ Uses a browser detect and serve the visitor a CSS file that is appropriate for their browser/platform combination.
+ Uses linked style sheets.

Documentation and Help Pages
+ When using screen shots, browser chrome was cropped out.
+ Hired a professional to write help sections (a technical writer).
+ Documentation pages are searchable.
+ Documentation section has an abundance of examples.
+ Instructions are task-oriented and step-by-step.
+ A short conceptual model of the system is provided, including a diagram that explains how the different parts work together.
+ Terms or difficult concepts are linked to a glossary.
 User manual

Content Management
+ Site has procedures in place to remove outdated information immediately (such as calendar events which have passed).
 Set priority and points of every issue
 Update every day matrix after testing.
 If any issue left for feedback

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Empires and allies cheats

facebook empires and allies logo
Before you eventually get hands on empires and allies cheats or bot make sure you are well aware of empires and allies terms of service by Zynga

According to these terms of service you cannot use any bot or cheat engine for empires and allies on facebook, as far as the empires and allies cheats are concerned they do not exist, cheats only exist if they are allowed by developers of game but zynga has no such policy.

However there are few tips and tricks which can allow you to get hundreds of neighbors within few hours also unlimited energy but within the limits of terms of service laid by zynga.

You can check out empires and allies tricks ebook.

As far as the gameplay of empires and allies is concerned it is quite attractive but for the current users of zynga online games there is not so much new for them, most of the gameplay has been used from zynga's previous game cityville the only major addition is the army and the feature of attacking friends and looting their empire.

Also check out the end level of empires and allies which is level 55, you can use also the empires allies tricks ebook to get to level 55 really fast.

While going back to game play, empires and allies is really easy to play, there is step to step instructions by different characters within game hence you wont stop because you can't understand what to do next.

Also there is great benefit of having big number of neighbors as you can ask almost anything from your neighbors except the empires points including energy,gifts,gold coins and a lot more.

My son Shafeen is more popular than singer Shafeen ;)

Shafeen's picture at Google Image search

In Bangladesh singer Shafeen is very popular. One of his hit song is “Ane jala jala ei montare……”. I kept my son’s name by mixing my name (Shahana) and my husband’s name (Faisal). That’s why my son’s name has both “S” and “F”, the first latter of his parents name, that is Shafeen. After keeping his name all asked me did you keep his name like the singers name? Are you a big fan of this singer? Then I realize accidentally both name became same.

But now I can say my son Shafeen is more popular than the singer Shafeen. I can prove. If you search “Shafeen” in Google Image search, in the very first page you will see several pictures of my son Shafeen. Not the singer Shafeen J

Monday, August 22, 2011


Add caption

I found one of my old days bookmark list. I like to share with you the list.



Enterprise Java Technologies Tech Tips
Max Kiesler - Round-up of 50 AJAX Toolkits and Frameworks
SAJAX - Simple Ajax Toolkit by ModernMethod - XMLHTTPRequest Toolkit for PHP


admin login
localhost phpMyAdmin


adhunika blog enter


Baghdad Girl
cat Photos and Images
Google Image Result for

codeArrange, an online pretty printer for PHP, Java, C++, C, Perl, JavaScript, CSS


CSS Source Ordered 1-3 Columned Page Maker by ClevaTreva Designs - The Generator Form v2.90
Nifty Corners


Language Translation -- English, French, German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Czech, Italian & Portuguese
Online English to Norwegian to English Dictionary
Professional Translation and Free Translator for websites and text


Free Computer Books, Tutorials, and Lecture Notes (
TechToolBlog » 195 Free Online Programming Books - Web Programming focusing on Marketing the world wide web
World eBook Fair - Catalogs and Collections


localhost edc web admin


AV3 graphics, AV3 animations, AV3 graphics help
the Flash XML FAQ and other Flash and XML related information


FIFA World Cup Calendar Schedule


Google AdSense


Cheap Reseller Hosting - Private Label cPanel Reseller Web Hosting Package - ResellerZOOM


mekaneck Menu
Revision 673 -documentation


Download Java software from Sun Microsystems


Customize Links
Free Hotmail
post to
Windows Marketplace
Windows Media


Contact Fell Fell Music
Nature Photography


Weblogs, Inc.


The Daily Prothom Alo Largest online bangla newspaper in Bangladesh


Collection of Feeds on PHP and It's Peers
PHP Classes - Welcome to the PHP Classes Repository
Recommended PHP reading list


blog hit
Cacti The Complete RRDTool-based Graphing Solution
localhost phpMyAdmin
Login to Cacti
Main Page « WordPress Codex
Moderation Panel
phpMyAdmin 2.6.3-rc1
Revision 538 -documentation
RRDtool - About RRDtool
somewhere in... admin
somewhere in... bug tracker
Somewhere In... Task Manager
somewhere in...
somewhere in… blog
somewhere in… ternal blog › Login
Vote! Pro 4.0


phonetic test
shahana blog
Somewhere in... Blog
somewherein Koreshi Blog
???? ???

phpBugTracker - Home_hasan
somewhere in...dhaka
Web Server Statistics for

speed test



Welcome - Apache Struts Project




localhost phpMyAdmin 2.6.3-pl1


database phpmyadmin
swiaccounts index

test - Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and much more
Ask Jeeves -
Boing Boing A Directory of Wonderful Things
DonorsChoose Amazon Challenge
FatLens Search Engine - Sports, Concert and Theater Tickets
Jotspot - The Application Wiki
MAKE Blog - Find Singles at the World's Largest Online Dating Personals Service
Meetup Organizing Local Interest Groups
Mighty Goods Shopping Blog
Om Malik’s Broadband Blog -- Subdomains
SMART Guides - SBC SMARTpages
Socialtext -- Enterprise Social Software
Soleil Noir - 2000--2005 five years of creation
TipMonkies » Blog Archive » Organize your life with My Protopage News Front Page
Webshots - Photo Sharing, Free Wallpaper and Free Screensavers - The Software and Tools You Need To Succeed
Zephyr, the ajax based framework for PHP5


AJAXGetting Started - MDC
Template Tags-query posts « WordPress Codex


Advanced Unit Test, Part V - Unit Test Patterns - The Code Project - Design and Strategy

Web Feeds

Community Articles
IE Add-ons
IE Team Blog


My Yahoo!
Saudi Arabian Riyal to Bangladesh Taka Exchange Rate - Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! 360° - shahanaus's Profile
Yahoo! Astrology
Yahoo! Bookmarks
Yahoo! Mail

Aftab IT Limited

Bangla Forum

Banglalink - Send Text SMS

CITYCELL   -   Forgot that connection string   You will find it right here!  


free e books

Google Fight Make a fight with googleFight

Google Image Search


Home - arkay



IE Add-on site - Lookup IP address to Country, State, City, Netblock, Longitude and Latitude




MyPassionup Exclusive Cards, Customizable Cards, Keepsake Cards, Time Dated Cards, Address Book, Daily Inspiration, Daily Roman


Neave Lab › Audio-Visual

net2ftp - - -www-shahana

Ovidhan Online

PDF Protection Demo

Php Object Generator (v1.5 rev2) - Open Source Object Relational Mapping PHP Code Generator

Quraan Shareef Online

Remember The Milk

See what's new in IE7

shahana on 43 Places

shahana on 43 Things

shahana's blog

somewhere in... world


TechNet IE

View Issues - Somewhere in..

Welcome to Gmail

Welcome to

Windows Update

Yahoo! 360° - shahanaus's Profile

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Iftar environment at Boomers

I am feeling tired and annoyed by taking Iftar with some people who didn’t take fast and don’t have any respect of Iftar.

Due to work and shopping at the month of Ramadan, several times I had to take Iftar outside. Sometimes in work place, sometimes in the market, sometimes in the shopping malls and some time on the road at vehicle. I enjoyed this kind of Iftar. With lots of unknown people I had to take iftar. After the magrib prayer everything stops and there are silent everywhere. All are busy to take food after taking the fast.

Yesterday, I went to Boomers at Baily Road to take Iftar. Because power failed in our area for long time that I couldn’t make food for my son or for myself. And also room temperature became high. I reached their near 4pm and whole area was almost booked for the Iftar. Anyway I could manage a table. Later on I had to share the table with other people as they couldn’t find any place to take Iftar. Generally at Boomers they plays songs. Iftar time they didn’t play anything. They could play Islamic songs. Even at Iftar time they didn’t play the Azan. In the TV they showed Azan but didn’t give the sound!

The most annoying thing I found is the people. They came to take Iftar, but the way they were shouting and jumping didn’t seem they are for Iftar. After Azan all started taking Iftar but those guys didn’t stopped making sounds. I felt pain in my ears. Others were telling these guys didn’t take fast that’s why making this much sounds at Iftar time. After reaching home I felt so much tired and annoyed for this Iftar environment.

I like boomers food. Though tastes are going down, but after taking their food I never fall in sick. That’s very important in Bangladesh. But my suggestion is never go to Boomers at Iftar time.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Decoration of my “Gaye holud” ceremony

In Bangladesh before marriage there is a ceremony called “gaye holud”. If you translate, it will be body turmeric ceremony. We had arranged it in our parent’s house. All decoration credits goes to my brother and sisters. Here are some pics.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Best Iftar program in TV channel is Channel i

From left my younger sister Sonia, Tameem (my elder sister's son) and Shafeen (my son)

In Bangladesh, we have several TV channels where we saw Iftar program before iftar. This makes nice iftar environment. I like most “Channel i” iftar program. Best program is Kafela. Where they go to several Islamic historical places and showed current view and status to us. And also tell us the history. And then after Azan, they show a small nice cooking show on Iftar menu. Great!! I dislike seeing AD in this time (Before and after iftar). Where people sings, dances, and jumps and don’t know what they do. This looks very odd in the Iftar time. I wish they could stop this.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

3 of them have different playing style

From left Tameem (my elder sister's son), Diya (my youngest sister's daughter) and  Shafeen (my son) are  playing together.
This is Diya's playing style :)

Shafeen lay downs on floor and then run the car by hand, this is his style.

Tameem use to drop all his toys on grand pa's bed and then play.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Which laptop should be best for any IT personnel?

Shafeen and his dad (Faisal)

When you ask this question, many people will give you suggestion about many things. Some said Sony Vaio looks great, but performance isn’t acceptable. Some people suggested taking Lenovo. It doesn’t look good, but will give you better performance, though he buys Mac for himself. Someone told me HP is very heavy, difficult to carry. What will you suggest? Which one should any Technical person buy? And why?                 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Diet pills

If you want to shape up your body, you must be thinking to Diet. But you know it’s not easy. My youngest sister tried to diet control by herself, but failed. She said, she maintain for 2/3 days then again eat too high calorie food which cover more than 3 days dieting control. Again exercise isn’t the thing which you can do regularly. It’s very difficult to make time for it and continue for the rest of your life. Because, if you stop exercising, you will gain more extra pounds which you had before, starting the exercise. So the best way to dieting is to take safe pills. If you want to search best diet pills online, you will get lots of option. It’s difficult to pick any from there. I can refer this site for best diet pills. You can check and then try.

When my brother was taking training

Zakaria Ahmed Sifat, my brother, while taking training as a pilot

In the training center

Tameem (my elder sister's son) visited the training center

When my brother was taking training to become a pilot in Bangladesh, one day he took Tameem (my elder sister’s son) to his training center. Tameem were very happy to see planes and other instrument. He was excited too much that after returning home, he declare, actually he tough his uncle (Sifat, my brother) how to ride a plane.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Do people have any fix time to come online?

Shafeen took this picture while he was sitting on my lap

I guess Bangladeshi people only things that who comes online after 12am they must doing 18+ works on net. Why? I have a small kid. I can’t come online before he sleeps. So I had to come online at late night. That doesn’t mean I can’t just writing blog or checking mail? Even in some blog people who come at this time don’t want to read anything or see anything in blog except adult content. Why is this mentality? In net we maintain international time. Now it’s late night in Bangladesh, but no all over the world. People should take this thing easy. If you are in some mode that doesn’t mean all have to be like that.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tameem in fancy dress

Tameem, dresses like a Bangladeshi bride

Tameem wear flower ornaments of mine at my Gaye Holud

Tameem wear apron of his grand mother

Tameem, my elder sister’s son sometimes liked to wear different dresses. Here are some pics of those days. He is now studying in class 3.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New label

At left jar you can see two label. First one is mine then my son  write the next label.

When I put anything on a jar, I add a tag. So that, when needed I can find that thing easily. In the month of Ramandan Faisal (my husband) brought some Chira (Rice based dry food) to take in Sahri time. You know chira keep our belly cool. I put them into jars and added labels. Shafeen (my two and half years of son) saw it. He said, I can write tag too. So he write (?) a tag and I labeled it just below my one on the jar. You can see it in the picture.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Either he has no control on his people or he is just eye washing us

All people respect to a landlord. They had to. And they had to listen to him. He is also responsible to take care of his people. Now if people are facing problem in high pricing in the local market, hijacking on the road, miss use of law etc they will complain to that land lord. After getting complain (he didn’t find it by himself) he may say strongly no people will do such thing, if any one does they will get punished. And after that…… nothing changed. More over problems are increasing. Now what will you say? Either he had no control on anyone or he is just eye washing people. May be he is getting percentage or getting the main part of these profit.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

You are not in heaven

Whenever any country starts living successful and peaceful, some problem attacks them, probably made by the other country. Long time back, Indian sub-content was rich and peaceful in many ways. Then they were attacked by many foreign countries and finally losses many things or most of the things. Recently I saw in TLC channel how nice and peaceful and high living style was in Middle East. Now you see what’s going on with them.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


In Ramadan the thing I most fear of is headache. If it comes then I had nothing to do but wait for the iftar then I can take the pain killer. It didn’t come from last few years. But today it showed. Now waiting and trying to take rest as much as possible to keep it in tolerable stage.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ramadan brings blessings of Allah surly

Shafeen taking snacks at his nana bari (grand mom's house)

When I took fast (Saom/Roja) at any other time excluding Ramadan month, I felt it very hard to keep. In Ramadan month Roja becomes a bit easier. Though in this weather (temperature is very high) it’s really tough to stay without water and food. But still, we are enjoying Ramadan.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Demo design for RAOWA

Faisal made this demo design for RAOWA (Retired armed forces officer's welfare association)