Monday, August 29, 2011

Food poisoning after taking food from BFC

Shafeen and Faisal at BFC, waiting for food

In Bangladesh, it’s very difficult to find good food. You can’t expect from anywhere, that after taking the food, you won’t be fall in sick. That’s why I started taking food from very selective food court. Like BFC, Boomers, CFC, Star kabab, Sowajdi, Ontorongo, Ghorowa, Utshob, FFC etc. But these are also making their food quality lower and lower.
Boomers lost its delicious taste of food. But at least you won’t be sick after taking their food.
Yesterday we (me, Shafeen and Faisal) went to do some Eid shopping and before returning home, we decided to take Chicken Burger from BFC (Baily road brunch) as Iftar. You know, after shopping, any of us won’t have any energy to make Iftary. I choose a combo set with burger, french-fry and soft drink. I ordered coleslaw too. In the iftar when we were taking food we found the burger little spicy and then these food made my husband Faisal terribly sick by food poisoning. BFC loose our trust too.
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