Sunday, August 21, 2011

Iftar environment at Boomers

I am feeling tired and annoyed by taking Iftar with some people who didn’t take fast and don’t have any respect of Iftar.

Due to work and shopping at the month of Ramadan, several times I had to take Iftar outside. Sometimes in work place, sometimes in the market, sometimes in the shopping malls and some time on the road at vehicle. I enjoyed this kind of Iftar. With lots of unknown people I had to take iftar. After the magrib prayer everything stops and there are silent everywhere. All are busy to take food after taking the fast.

Yesterday, I went to Boomers at Baily Road to take Iftar. Because power failed in our area for long time that I couldn’t make food for my son or for myself. And also room temperature became high. I reached their near 4pm and whole area was almost booked for the Iftar. Anyway I could manage a table. Later on I had to share the table with other people as they couldn’t find any place to take Iftar. Generally at Boomers they plays songs. Iftar time they didn’t play anything. They could play Islamic songs. Even at Iftar time they didn’t play the Azan. In the TV they showed Azan but didn’t give the sound!

The most annoying thing I found is the people. They came to take Iftar, but the way they were shouting and jumping didn’t seem they are for Iftar. After Azan all started taking Iftar but those guys didn’t stopped making sounds. I felt pain in my ears. Others were telling these guys didn’t take fast that’s why making this much sounds at Iftar time. After reaching home I felt so much tired and annoyed for this Iftar environment.

I like boomers food. Though tastes are going down, but after taking their food I never fall in sick. That’s very important in Bangladesh. But my suggestion is never go to Boomers at Iftar time.
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