Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My son Shafeen is more popular than singer Shafeen ;)

Shafeen's picture at Google Image search

In Bangladesh singer Shafeen is very popular. One of his hit song is “Ane jala jala ei montare……”. I kept my son’s name by mixing my name (Shahana) and my husband’s name (Faisal). That’s why my son’s name has both “S” and “F”, the first latter of his parents name, that is Shafeen. After keeping his name all asked me did you keep his name like the singers name? Are you a big fan of this singer? Then I realize accidentally both name became same.

But now I can say my son Shafeen is more popular than the singer Shafeen. I can prove. If you search “Shafeen” in Google Image search, in the very first page you will see several pictures of my son Shafeen. Not the singer Shafeen J
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