Thursday, August 25, 2011

You should not lose your best friends

Best friends Faisal and Shafeen (father and son)

In our life we passes many stages of our life, like pre-school life, school life, college life, university life, job life, social life, marriage life etc. In every stage we meet new people. Some stays with our life for long time or forever, some disappears. We should know who our good friends are and who are bad. We shouldn’t lose any of our good friends. Friends are precious. Every step of your life they stay with you. Give you good advice; help you in every single way. Everybody doesn’t get a good friend. People are very lucky who gets a good friend. Now your job is to keep communication with them and be a good friend of them too. Otherwise time may remove them from your life. And you won’t have anyone in your life to share your thoughts.
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