Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brochure for children’s computer education (sample)

Children computer education 
Why this course? 
*** company started this children computer education to help children develop and master their computer skills and to provide educational support and encouragement.

*** company is dedicated to developing programs for the purpose of helping children achieve educational success, and the skills needed to succeed in life.
Computer Education...
The Curriculum
We have recently updated our computer program that offers children the opportunity to work at their own levels. The children enjoy the ‘game’ approach to learning.
  1. Training will be given on 3 courses:
    1. Fundamental (4 months)
    2. Adobe Family (4 months)
    3. Macromedia Flash (4 months)
  2. Class time (Saturday & Friday)
    1. From 10am to 12pm
    2. From 2pm to 4 pm
    3. From 4.30pm to 6.30pm
  3. Other Facilities
    1. Lecture sheet will be given
    2. Free gifts on Registration
    3. Network Game facilities
    4. Other Computer Educational Program
    5. Open Quiz program

  1. Upcoming Events:
Computer Training for housewives or guardians.
Assessment will be use regularly to help us to identify strengths in the individuals, the groups, the classes. It also helps us to recognize what needs to be done to tackle our weaker areas so that we are continually striving to raise standards.
Children computer education
making a difference, seeing services
through the eyes of the child.  

*** company   programs to ensure that children receive all the services they need and deserve.
Our Curriculum Aims
  1. To help children to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to employment in a fast changing world.
  2. To help Children to use computer and designing tools effectively;
Areas of study are based on a consideration of the skills and concepts that will be needed by the children as they mature. These will include communication and interrogation skills, study-skills, the ability to follow written instructions, listening skills, planning and practical skills.
How do YOU join us?
Contact *** company
*** Bangladesh
Complete an application

Encourage your friends to join…

Give children hope for a brighter future.
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