Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Price difference in different markets

Shafeen with his tiny little backpack, his elder aunt brought for him. 

To buy a backpack, I had visited 3 markets. Because, pricing of the bag was not coming in my budget. All 3 markets were in walking distance. First we went to “kids and mom” at Shantinagar. I found backpack with low quality is TK 800, which is available in TK300 outside of that shop. Then we went to Eastern Plus market at Shantinagar. There the backpack which we thought should come in our budget asked TK 750 to TK 1050. Our budget was TK 500. Then we went Twin Tower market at Malibagh. There pricing got higher. They asked TK 1750 to TK800 for the same backpack. Fine, we had to move again. Finally we went to Mouchak market. There they asked price for the same bag is TK 500 to TK 480. So you understand from where we brought the backpack. We surprised that all four places were standing in a walking distance, but there are huge difference in pricing.
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