Friday, September 2, 2011

They are not giving enough cloths in a baby pant

Every baby likes to stretch their leg, jump, and climb and do many more physical works. They need enough space with their pant. So they can easily move and play. But unfortunately in Bangladesh regular half pants aren’t like that. This is difficult to find a perfect one from them.

My elder sister’s son Tameem had many full pants and after wearing them they all tear. Then my sis Sharmin stopped buying pants for him, she brought cloths and ordered to the tailor to make pants with enough cloths.

Same happened with my younger brother too.

When I traveled to the cox’s bazaar, one day we all went to a tourist spot by rickshaw. On the way we found some other natural strings. Few little local boys were showing some circus to us. One started climbing             through the string on the hill. But first he put off his pant. I thought what is this? He should feel little shame. Then I realize actually his pant doesn’t have enough cloth to stretch his legs.
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