Monday, September 19, 2011

Useful packaging

Shafeen, in a basket

In Bangladesh some dishonest business men collects different bottles, bags or tins which product has expire date and then put other low quality products into those packages and sale them in the market again. Big shops buy from them because they give low price than other genuine dealers. I got this info from a TV show where they brought both these kinds of business man and police to collect and show real info.

I think this could be solving in some very good way.

 Most of the products we buy where product case or packet doesn’t useful. So, we had to throw it out if companies provide their products in a good case, like a good jar, or tin, glass or bowl or could be reusable like flower vas then people won’t let these go in to the dustbin. They will keep it and use it for other purpose.

Other thing can be done like Production Company could declare if people return 20. 30 or 50 bottle or package, they will give them one product free. This way company could re use their own bottle than the other dishonest company. And general people can also be benefited.

Recycle company can collect recyclable things from homes directly by giving them their own bucket to put specific things in that and can give them money for that. In this way, packages won’t go to the wrong hand.
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