Saturday, October 1, 2011

Get relief from cooking food

Shafeen checking vegetables and asking me weather these are for food or not

Still I am not in full strength that I can work with full force. I work very slowly and can’t do multitasking. I am just completing work one after another. And my first priority of work is my son. So there is no time for my own.

Generally I cook four kind of dish for a complete balance of food. Like Rice, daal, meat/fish, vegetables. And if possible I make some think sweet. Usually I cook a bit more food then I need and preserve it in refrigerator. Now a day my food stock became empty and I couldn’t make enough time to cook more food. Yesterday at 3 pm when my lunch time was over I went to kitchen to start cooking lunch. On that time my mom came to work in her garden and asked me did I take my lunch? I said no, but I will cook now. She said wait, I am sending your food. That was a great help for me. Not only she sent me food for lunch, at dinner, again she sent my dinner. Shafeen (my 2 and half years old son) also enjoyed her food. It was a great help from mother. Some left over’s still there so, that will help me today too.
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