Thursday, October 27, 2011

Popular diet pill

Today I will talk with you about African Mango. Not about the fruit, but the diet pill. They have 3 different diet pills. They are Certified African Mango, Healthier African Mango and Life Extension. Let me explain little elaborately

Certified African Mango: It will burn fat, suppress appetite (this is very important, most people can’t stop taking food because of hunger), control the Obesity Hormone Leptin and Regulate Digestion.

Healthier African Mango: Encourages thermo-genesis, controls blood sugar levels (good for the diabetics patients), natural appetite suppresant and decreases your bad cholesterol levels (who doesn’t want it).

Life Extension: Delaying digestion and absorption of sucrose, enhancing resting energy expenditure at the cellular level, slowing the absorption of dietary fat from the intestines, reduces the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream, slows the absorption of starches and sugars into the bloodstream, Supporting leptin sensitivity to stimulate lipolysis, supporting youthful levels of adiponectin to help maintain healthy insulin sensitivity and reduces the amount of ingested starches that are stored as fat
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