Wednesday, November 2, 2011

To understand people, check what they are doing

I always try to understand people. What they really want or what is their real motive. I believe I don’t understand people. Many times I trusted wrong person and suffered. I wanted to be alert from this kind of person who can give me pain. I can’t read face so I try to understand people by their work. If the say they care for me, that is not enough to think that they really care for me. When I see that in their work that they really care for me then I will trust them. This worked in many ways. I could understand many people by their work.

Sometimes people say comments and work about any other person whom I never met. I could assume correct nature of that person and could say what that person will do next. That’s why my friends always told me that they will bring their boy friend to me before they get marry (no worry, no body actually did). Many times my husband told me about their office environment, without meeting with them in real life, I could suggest my husband that what that person’s real nature is. Sometimes my husband didn’t agree, but later that person proved, that I was right.
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