Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Don’t give chance to anybody to change your mind

If you want to live alone, then don’t give any chance to anybody to make your decision change. I had decided myself when I was just 13 that I am not going to get marry to anyone. I will live alone. And I found, in lonely life the only problem is that I feel that I am alone. Otherwise there is no problem at all!  Trust me.  And I was happy, really happy.

I always listen to others, and then think, should I listen to them? Are they right? Then I took my decision. Now I think in this case I shouldn’t listen to others. Because this way, many people had manipulated me to change my mind about marriage. Like some said, I am a woman not just a human, I should give chance to boys to change my mind and see what they can do. Because I generally didn’t let any boy come near to me. And I was right. Because if you give chance, then anybody can influence you by their words, then may hurt you. This happened to me finally. I shouldn’t let any man come near to my mind. Now I understand, if anyone decided to live alone, no problem with that, just don’t let anyone to influence and take advantage from your life and then left.
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