Monday, December 12, 2011

I had a dream

My dad and Shafeen. 

Yesterday morning, I fall in little sleep while taking some rest. As I am not feeling very well. Suddenly a phone call came from my mobile set which is gifted by my father. I received and I heard  my dad is asking "Hello?", "Shimul?" (my nick name). I said yes, hello? Then I remember my father is no more! So again I asked, hello? Then no answer and I awoke up. After few minutes my youngest sister Shekha came and told me did you drop syrup or did any vomiting? I said no? why? She said she is smelling some syrup's smells beside my room. And  this smell always came from my fathers room. After that I go out from my room to go to bathroom and I smell the same fragrance! Like my dad was there! We never smell such thing on that room and then it goes after half an hour.
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