Friday, January 27, 2012

My son couldn’t stop himself shouting

Shafeen, my son (3 years old)

I don’t shout. No matter what happens. It’s my nature. And I don’t like shouting. No matter who shouts on me, I don’t shout in reply, never with my in laws, office colleagues or with other people. Recently my maid started shouting with me regularly, why room is too narrow, why we have extra things in house, why my son keep toys on floor etc. My nature is calm as usual. But my son couldn’t tolerate that other person is shouting with his mom, so with his language (like aa uu) of scolding, he shouts on her (my maid) and stop her. On that time he was sitting on my lap. I love my son. At least I found one person beside, who really cares for me.
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