Tuesday, January 31, 2012

There should be some other way

We all know about noise pollution in Dhaka city. Recently one pollution, irritation and pain increased terribly. Let me explain. Recently apartment business is going very well in Dhaka city. Who had land previously with old or small home they are selling their home to the builders. And builders making flats on that plot. Things are very normal. So, if you are living in the city, every plot around you are started their construction work. Now about the noise, everyday you had to hear continuously these construction noises. Men go out to work, this pain especially for women and children. We had no way but to tolerate these noises. But the noise of tiles cutting is too loud. No one can stand it. But for every floor and for every building you had to tolerate this. This sound is some time making pain in ear. I wish there is some other way to remove this sound, some other way to cut all tiles. This is not good or acceptable for any child.
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