Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Malaysia: port, Lankawi

Eagle, lankawi port, Malaysia

Ferry, lankawi port, Malaysia

Lankawi port, Malaysia

Lankawi port, Malaysia

me, Borna and Raagemon

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shops should have a website

Shops where people use to go daily or regularly should have a website. Where they can give what is available in their shop. And update that available info regularly. Customers can check whether it has their demanding item or not. If yes, then they can send the shop keeper their list. Shop keeper can make a packet of that list when the customer comes to their shop can hand it over and get the payment. If the shop doesn’t have their necessary things then they can ask for it, to the shop keeper through the website. Then shopkeeper may bring that thing (or may not, if not then will inform them) and make it in the available list. So, customer can go to the shop and buy their things.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Malaysia: hanging bridge

Hanging bridge, Lankawi, Malaysia

On the hanging bridge

Nice view from hanging bridge

Hills view from the hanging bridge

Sea from the hanging bridge

Me at hanging bridge

Me on the hanging bridge, you can see cables cars behind me

To show how up we went

Me at hanging bridge

We had to go by stairs after cable car to reach hanging bridge

Sunday, February 26, 2012


We should be careful about misunderstanding. Sometimes very small misunderstandings cause a lot of trouble. I guess we all have some experience about it.

In professional life, this is more important. When anybody, especially your boss asked you to do something, you better repeat to him what you have understood about the requirement. Then both you and your boss will be clear where are you going to work.

In personal life, like in husband wife relation, I will say share every single thing with your spouse. If they get to know about the matter from somewhere else, then misunderstand might grow.

Finally, I will say honesty is the best policy. No matter what happens, stick with honesty.. you will get reward.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Malaysia: Cable car

Me, inside the cable car

top of the landing station

We are ready to sit inside the cable car

Cable car stars

Me and raagemon

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tomorrow is my birthday (updated with gift and dinner menu)

Dia waiting to cut the cake (puding)

All started taking food

Shafeen turning off of candle

Tameem, shafeen and dia cutting the cake (puding).

Tomorrow is my 34th birthday. I had made a 3 days plan in my mind. Like cleaning, take little care for my beauty and cooking. 2 days past….. couldn’t do anything (all most). Now I don’t know how will manage everything tomorrow. My next plan is I will try to work in relax mood and complete as much as possible. Others…. Let’s forget which I couldn’t do. I will try to make a good home party. Let’s see how far I can go. Already my younger sister (Dr. Sonia) and her husband (Dr. Ahsan) told me they won’t be able to join, because they are not in Dhaka.

Now about the gifts,
1.      1. My husband gave me a dress, showed me a film “Mission impossible” at Cineplex and gave me a lunch.

Faisal gave me this salwar kamiz, though the dopatta is given by  Shekha (my youngest sis)

Me and Shafeen at Bashundhara city complex to celebrate my birthday

2.      2. My mom gave me 2 maxi and she will cook the rice and vegetable at my dinner party.
Mom gave me these dresses

Mother made the rice, vegetables and puding

3.       3.My elder sister Sharmin gave me a parse.
Small hand bag with 3 pocket given by my elder sis

4.       4. Her son Tameem gave me a golden colored chain.
Tameem gave me this gold plated chain.

5.       5. My youngest sister Shekha gave me 2 boxes of meat curry powder, one maxi, one book. And her daughter Dia gave my son a mug.

This maxi and book gave me Shekha and the mug is given by Dia  (Shekha's daughter) to Shafeen (my son)

6. My younger sister Sonia gave me a book. Here it is,

(List will continue, if get anything else)

Aha, I won’t tell you now.. I will let you know after the party (May be with picture), because even I am not sure, weather I will be able to cook all that I planned.
Ok, here is the menu:

1. Motor polau ( my mom made it)
2. Vagetables (my mom made it)
3. Chicken Korma ( I made it)
I made this chicken Korma

4. Moghlay chicken
Moghlai checken
5. Letus / Salas leaf
6. Puding (mom made it)
7. Sprite

I wanted to make coleslaw and green salad too, but couldn't make time.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Malaysia: Restaurant and food

Sea food restaurant at Lankawi, Malaysia

I took grape juice at South Indian restaurant at Kualalampur, Malaysia

Borna and raag emon are waiting for food at SouthIndian restaurant at Kulalampur, Malaysia

Borna and Raag emon are tasting food at SouthIndian restaurant Kualalampur, Malaysia

Borna at shopping mall's food court, Kualalampur, Malaysia

Borna, me and Tanveer at a beach restaurant for breakfast, Lankawi, Malaysia

Food from Malaysia.

raag emon and Tanveer

Raag emon and Tanveer at food court at Kualalampur, Malaysia

me, taking breakfast at a beach restaurant at Lankawi, Malaysia

Me at the food court at a shopping mall at Kualalampur, Malaysia

We are giving order for food at South Indian restaurant, Kualalampur, Malaysia

Me, Tanveer and rag emon at the food court at a shopping mall, Kualalampur, Malaysia

Tea, from south Indian restaurant