Friday, February 10, 2012

Is your baby actually healthy?

Shafeen, in  red dress playing football.

When your baby looks healthy does not mean that they are actually physically fit. You need to look at their physical activity. In the last picnic we have seen two kinds of children came. From our side all babies look skinny. On the other hand, other group’s babies were looked quite healthy. Obviously all parent thought our babies are not eating well and they are not good in health.

But the whole day our skinny babies played football, volleyball, cricket and badminton. Specially my son J But we found that those healthy babies could not play more than 15 minutes. Now the question is does they really healthy? They are not physically fit.

So we, the parents have to make our child physically, mentally fit, not just over weighted. And from my personal experience I found that all actually in their (children) hand. If they eat properly then they do, otherwise it’s impossible to make them eat.
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