Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sample review of an unprofessional site.

Once I found a poor web site to improve, so I checked and give a review what I found at a glance. Here it is….

  1. unprofessional design/ site concept
  2. immature
  3. poor flash work
  4. could made flash or non flash site
  5. unnecessary flash work
  6. font is poor
  7. poor site management (things looks hotchpotch)
  8. in home page, no need to give home page link
  9. take lots of time for loading, not good for Bangladesh
  10. Products list should be with pictures, short description with price. not only page decoration pictures
  11. We should know which category products u has.
  12. there is not details info in details page
  13. search should be secure from SQL injection, it’s not secure now
  14. In distributor’s page, first should logo come with link to details.
  15. product list should be always category wise
  16. Email subscribe is it working?
  17. non working links should be removed
  18. shopping cart isn’t working properly
  19. all form should be protected for SQL injection with validation
  20. Is dealer login working?
  21. Links are not coming in all pages.
  22. If download link isn’t available then shouldn’t show.
We (me and Faisal) had worked with the site and updated many things, but due  to my pregnancy I could not complete the site and owner again made a new one. This was my last work from our own company.

It looked little bit like this

. After updating we make it look like this.

This is the current site.

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