Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shopping monthly? Or daily?

When you have good amount of money for your family expenses then I will suggest you should go for a monthly shopping. For this you can go to a shopping mall, then see and buy whatever might need you for a month… And you can also see what new things arrived in market which could be helpful for your family. And also new offers, like buy two and get one type offer or free something..

And if you have some limited money to maintain your family then I will suggest you to go for a daily or in twice a day shopping from your nearby shop. Then you will only buy what is already finished, or will be finish in 2 days. And also you have to pay less (no vat or no extra charge for shopping mall), sometimes they keep less than MRP price. Again, you won’t buy extra things, without those you can live. So, to save money this is the best way.
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