Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where should you get marry?

Every people things about this question that where should they get marry, from their teen age to marriage life. I had heard many times, that you should get marry to a person who loves you, not to whom you loved. I thought this is true, and then people will get love all over their life. But now I think this is not a good decision. My suggestion is you should get marry to whom you love and that person also loves you. Otherwise it won’t be good marriage life. Every moment one has to be sacrificing themselves to keep the marriage life. This is not good. This is some kind of vegetable life. You might choose a wrong person but if love is there, everything could be nice. So marry to a person to whom you love. In this Indiansubcontinent people get married according to their family choice. Then what happen? They became each other’s habit, need, but not love. For the rest of their life they won’t have any love, just living together and raise the children. Sometimes you will feel that your life partner looking love from you, looking more attention and love events, but you won’t feel that to them. This is not good for both of you. No one will be happy. We should get marry for a happy life, not just to survive.
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