Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bonding, togetherness

Farah Khan and Shahrukh Khan

Kajal Devgan, Shahrukh khan and Karan Johar

For success, bonding could take a big role. We all know about Karan Johor, Farah khan, Shahrukh khan and Kajal (from Bollywood, India), and about their friendship. When they worked together, we could get great movies from them. Now I guess there are some problems going on between them which are not easy to overcome. So, they are working alone and we all know now their movies are not getting enough popularity. Some times 3rd person makes problem, sometimes people near your heart makes problem with your friend. You should ignore all negative voices. Listen to your heart. My suggestion is you 4 should work together and then you will know what you are missing. And we all can have great big movies from you. 
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