Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Keep things in right places

My son Shafeen, put himself in a box
My father always told us to keep our things in a proper place, that anyone can get it even closing their eyes.  Now I am telling my son and husband, this kind of suggestion. Shafeen (my son) is too small (3 years old) to realize it and his dad is too big to change his habit, though they try.

When you take anything from a place, after finishing the work if you put that thing back to the place from where you took it, your home or work place wont became hotchpotch or junk.  If you think, at the end of the day you will put all things properly then that will be a huge task and in most cases you won’t be able to complete it. As a result everyday you have to search your things everywhere. And your room will look like a mess.

This suggestion goes for cleaning too. If you drop anything, clean that immediately, otherwise that thing will get hard to remove and it will take long time to be cleaned.

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