Thursday, March 1, 2012

My valentine’s day this year

Shafeen and Faisal at candle light dinner at home

Shafeen at cineplex where it was decorated for valentines day

No matter what occasion you want to celebrate you need some money, where I have some problem. Though the way we had celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, isn’t bad at all. I send my husband a love poem (collected from net with an ecard) from , in office my husband send me greetings through Skype, after office he brought me a cup with the label “Love you forever” (though my son wanted it), at night I gave a surprise candle light dinner to my husband and son. Both enjoyed a lot. I had cooked hotchpotch (khichuri, with coli flower), fried chicken and others. My son liked the chicken most. And I wear a new dress and ornaments. My son wanted me to keep those always on my body, but not possible. 
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