Friday, March 9, 2012

Take medicine on time

Shafeen is checking his dad's gum.

If you are sick and consulted with a doctor probably they had given you some medicine. Then it’s your duty to take your medicine regularly. I have seen many people from my family that they think somehow if they took that medicine they should be cure immediately. They don’t maintain 6 hours or 8 hours gap or taking medicine before or after… Then many times they face late curing or not cure at all.

My husband once had some problem in his gum. My sister Dr. Sonia gave him a mouthwash. To take it 3 times a day (8 hours gap). After few days he said it’s not working. Sonia little surprised, she gave him (my husband) an ointment. Then I start take care of his mouthwash using. I followed the clock and start giving him mouthwash 3 times a day. And within 2 days he recovered and didn’t need to use the ointment.

It’s difficult to maintain timing for taking medicine. If you are not busy, again you might forget about the medicine. The better way is (as I have seen) to set alarm in your cell phone. This is really a good way of practicing of taking medicine e. Then you will always take medicine on time… Especially this is really helpful for taking antibiotic.
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