Sunday, April 8, 2012

After breaking so many times, my heart became powder, it can’t be broken again

When I was studying in the Dhaka University, I use to say this to my friends, “after breaking so many times, my heart became powder, and it can’t be broken again”. It didn’t mean that many boys make my heart broken. I didn’t have any relation with boys. It was about many other things… But bottom line was, I won’t b e dishearten again, because I had enough.

And I was wrong. After those days, many things happened in my life and still many things happening and some are coming in future, I can guess those, which will again hurt me in my heart. But after dishearten so many times, I thing, my heart is now vanish. Nobody can hurt me again. I don’t care for anything. (Or maybe I am wrong again; I have to have more pain in my heart.)
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