Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shafeen’s uncle Sifat

Shafeen's Mama, this picture had been taken at 2008

We love or uncle (maternal, in Bangla “mama”). I think this loving relation is universal. We are 4 sisters and 1 brother. So, all 4 sisters child is getting one and only Mama. My elder sister’s son Tameem was very fond of Mama, then my son born. He also starts loving his Mama very much after few months of his born. Before learning how to call to mother, he start calling, I better say shouting Mama. Whenever he (my son) saw him (Sifat, my brother) he shouts “Mama!”, then there is no escaping for Mama, he had to take him (my son) in his (Mama) lap. Now his Mama is leaving far away, my son was very little understand where his Mama gone, but whenever he saw a young boy he starts asking is it my Mama? Now a day my son asked his grandmother (maternal) , “please call Mama, I will talk with him”, though he can’t speak clearly what he want to say, but like to talk with his invisible Mama.
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