Thursday, May 31, 2012

Homemade food

Shafeen at a restaurant.

I am sick of this outside food. No taste, not healthy and confirmed to be ill (if you are living in Bangladesh, then you know this very well). It’s better to I try all at home, you just need a recipe and some materials (according to the recipe) then whatever you make is better than any restaurant. At least it will be fresh and not dangerous to become sick and will save some money too.
Today I started making pizza and Shafeen (my 3 years old son) was waiting eagerly (hey I made pizza for him many times, and he always loved it), then I found east isn't available at home. Then I make naan rooti (one kind of backed bread) for him with coriander leaf and fed him with kakrol bhaaji (sweet bitter gourd curry). I wish I could get 72 hours a day…. Then I could do all the things which I want to do every day.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shafeen’s cap

Shafeen borrowed this black cap from his cousin brother Tameem (my elder sister's son)

Shafeen borrowed this from his grand mother's (maternal) kitchen

Shafeen (my 3 years old son) likes to wear hat. At home whatever he founds which can be wear like hat, he wears it. I brought a nice little red cap for him, from Prince Bazar, Shamoly ring road. He loved it very much. Where ever he went he wears that cap. But this year at International trade fair, some people took it in crowd. We searched it, but couldn’t find it. Now when he goes out he wears my cap, which I get from study tour Bagerhut, from geography & environment department of Dhaka University. But I know, he misses his nice little red cap.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Running other peoples mind

It’s an old game. People who want to run other people as they wish, they always plays some simple tricks. And in most cases it works. I know, it’s not good, we should let other people do whatever they think better. That’s why I never try this with other. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t try it on me. They did and succeed.

For example, somehow if I became little sick in office, one colleague or boss might give me advice, go home and take leave, you have couple of months leave pending. After few months you can easily come back and work again. First I thought no I can work with this sickness. But this info that I have couple of months leave which I can utilize get inside in my brain. So, I changed my mind (I have seen my first thought is always right), I told them OK, I am listening to you, and I will take my leave…. And you know what happen? They let me enjoy my leave and took my job. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Shafeen’s first visit at zoo

Me and Shafeen watching deers, they were kept open

Me and Shafeen on the bridge at the zoo, this zoo looks very attractive.

Me and Shafeen in front of elephant cage. Shafeen is telling elephants are hiding in side (haatigulo kook diye achhe)

Shafeen’s (my 3 years old son) got his first experience on zoo, when he was just 1 year and 10 months old. It was Alipur zoo, at Kolkata, India. He didn’t liked most of the things. He didn’t like to see animals inside the cage. But he liked Kakatua (one kind of bird), crow (they were not in the cage, were flying outside) and a bulldozer (It was inside a big cage, for construction). The funniest things he found is to run after the crows and flew them away. May be it was too early visit according to his age. We should again take him to the zoo. May be this time he will enjoy watching new animals.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Airtel offer in front of Cineplex

Shafeen, with a cell phone.

If you go to watch movie at Cineplex at Bashundhara city complex, you will see two big billboards beside ticket counter. There you will see that Airtel is giving offer a free soft drinks or popcorn for just a simple sms. Well I tried before but no sms reply came. Yesterday when I tried, within a second reply message came that I can get this free offer, I was very happy. But at the ticket counter they said, this offer is close now, so you are not getting anything.

My question is then why they didn’t remove those two boards of offer? I had spent time and sms money for nothing… doesn’t know how many other did the same mistake.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

3 shooter is ready shoot each other

Shafeen, Tameem and Dia are ready to shoot each other at Dia's first birthday. Well Dia also checking my jewelry and Shafeen didn't like it.

Tameem (my elder sister’s son), Shafeen (my son) and Dia (my youngest sister’s daughter), these are 3 cousin brothers and sister. They love each other, can’t stay long without seeing each other. Wants to play with each other, NO, wants to beat each other. I don’t know why this jealousy. Everybody loves their 3 moms (one mom and two aunts), and nobody wants to let other touch their moms. I don’t know, what will happen, when they grow up.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Naan rooti, chicken soup and tea

Me and Shafeen at a restaurant. Shafeen is having his favorite food soft drinks.

If you are having a bachelor life or come out from home in a hurry, so you need to take breakfast outside, then I have a suggestion what you might take in the breakfast, only if you are living near “Ghoroa” restaurant or it will be on your way. Actually I didn’t try it yet, but my elder sister suggested if you go to Ghoroa in the morning then you must try naan rooti, chicken soup in the breakfast. It feels like heaven. Generally we all know that Ghoroa’s mutton hochpoch is great. I have tasted their chicken biriyani too that is also awesome. Why don’t you try those someday?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bring me a sister….

Dia at Farida Clinic. She was just 3 days old.

Shafeen, Dia and me. Shafeen watching his sister. Shafeen was just 1 year and 8 months old.

Shafeen kissing his sister, he loves his sister very much. Now a day whenever she comes to our house, Shafeen gives all his toys to make her happy.

Shafeen (my 3 years old son) loves his cousins very much. Whenever he meets with them, he stops everything, like stops watching cartoons, stops eating. And starts play with them. Shafeen was just one year and eight months old when Dia (my younger sister’s daughter) born. He has 7 years elder cousin brother Tameem (my elder sister’s son) too. That means he has both brother and sister cousin.

One day Faisal asked Shafeen, if I bring a baby from hospital, what you want, a brother or a sister? Shafeen replied, sister.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some issues about Bashundhara city complex

Shafeen at Bashundhara city complex. You can see his hair became wet because of hot temperature inside the shopping mall.

When Bashundhara city complex built, everybody liked it, me too. Just one thing I concerned, maintenance. In Bangladesh we have seen when anything first build it looks great, but within few months it became dull, because of maintenance. Again Bashundhara authority surprises me. They keep the shopping complex clean (including toilets, though I found some cases they don’t provide toilet paper and some has broken hand shower) with proper maintenance.

But one thing really became terrible. It’s hitting system or AC. In this hot weather we go the shopping complex by thinking that after getting inside we will get some better environment, again inside there isn’t proper cooling system, so all the time we had to suffer hot temperature, especially at food court. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

At Fantasy kingdom water world

Me and my son both like water very much. We went to Fantasy Kingdom (theme park) water world to enjoy water. Shafeen was one year and 7 months old.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why I need to buy from shopping mall

Shafeen at Nandan Shopping mall Kakrail.

Everybody knows why people go to a shopping mall. Today I had a very good lesson. I need to buy 3 things (according to my budget, otherwise I might brought more), cheeps, liquid milk and sugar. And I had to spend 1 full hour, walking in the sun by taking my son on my lap from one shop to another. (I checked 5 shops.) My son was feeling sick, so he won’t walk. I have no option to keep him at home. If I could go to a shopping I could easily found those within 5 minutes, sun wouldn’t burn us; I would have more energy after returning home. Only one negative issue, I had to pay more in the shopping mall. Only for this reason I had to spend this much time and energy to buy things from nearby shop.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Shafeen playing with a dummy spectacles and teddy bear, when he was just one year and 7 months old.

On those days, even now Shafeen likes to put everything he likes inside mouth

Don't worry, he is no trying to clean his ear, he is tried to wear the  specticles

I like glasses. I like people who wear glasses. For some reason, when doctor suggested me to wear glasses, I was in heaven. I went to Century Arched shopping mall (once was) to buy a new spectacles. Me and my dad choose a light one. I thought my nose can tolerate this. But I was wrong. Within few days I start feeling pain on my nose. My younger sister Sonia said no worry within 3 months everything will be adjusted. I tried for 6 months. Only pain increased. Now, whenever I thought to use any glasses, I start feeling pan over my nose.

 My son Shafeen likes glasses too. He has a sun glass too. He likes to wear it even at night and inside home.

Friday, May 18, 2012

If they asked me to fall down, I will fall down

Shafeen, he took this picture at the photo studio after listening  the photgrapher's and  mom's instruction

My 3 years old son needed a recent passport size photograph. Before taking him to the photo studio I sit with him and tried to prepare him. Because, previously every time we went to photo studio he didn’t let the photographer t take pictures. He cried, moved a lot. So, this time I wanted to avoid those incidences.

I told him, photographer will take a snap of you. Don’t worry, mom will be with you, but will stand with a little distance. You might need to sit on a tool and wait till the photographer complete his work. And you have to listen to him. If he says, move right, you have to move right, if he says move left you have to move left etc.

My son was listening to me carefully. After completion of my session he (my son) added, if he said fall down, I will fall down!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shafeen at his aunt’s school

Me and Shafeen in front of my elder sister's school.

After completing the education, Faisal didn’t collect his mark sheet or certificates. So, we went to his university to collect those. On that time Shafeen was just one year and five months old. He enjoyed a lot. He played a lot. I also liked those old buildings. I think, we should take care to keep these buildings for next generations. When we are returning home I suddenly saw a school name beside the university name, and realize, this is the place where my elder sister working as a high school teacher! What a co incidence.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I don’t feel hesitate to take money from him

Shafeen took this picture, while Faisal was sleeping.

I always felt hesitate to take money or any other help from anyone. I had to take money always from my father and I always felt shy to ask more. I took money from my mother too (even taking now a day), most of the time I borrow it. No matter what happen, I don’t like to take any favor from anybody, except one person. My husband, I feel good while taking help or money from him. Allah knows why and I am sure he is not happy at all.                   

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sit and watch

When Shafeen (my son) was just 1 year and 4 months old, he liked to see how his bro (my elder sister’s son) plays game on the computer. He is not allowed to touch his bro’s computer, so he (my son) just had to sit on the tool and watch how his brother plays. Still he does this (though now he also plays computer game on my pc), because his bro plays tough games than him on the computer.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Photographer Shafeen

Ashiq (Shekha's husband), Shafeen (photographer), Shekha, Dia (model)

Shekha, Dia and Shafeen

Shafeen is taking pictures, Dia is giving the pose as a model

Shafeen (my 3 years old son) took a great photo session of Dia (my youngest sister Shekha’s daughter). Dia also gave good pose as a good model in front of Shafeen camera (actually cell phone).

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Then find out why power failure is happening and let me know.

Dia and Shafeen (photographer now is in Why mode)

My son now is at his “why” mode. After answering every question I had to face tons of why. Few days ago he was asking me, why current (power) gone? I said they who supplies, stopped supplying us. Why (Shafeen)? They don’t have enough power to supply (me). Why (Shafeen)? They didn’t produce enough to supply? Why (Shafeen)?  I don’t know (me). I was thinking even our governments couldn’t solve it, how could I know why. Shafeen replied, then find out why this problem (power failure) going on and let me know.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shafeen at Padma diagnostic center

Shafeen enjoying his time

Shafeen was checking chairs, which one is more comfortable.


Shafeen and Faisal


Here (Padma diagnostic center) he was just 2 years and 4 months old. We went for my regular checkup. On those days and even now, where ever he goes, he knows how to enjoy his time and how to keep busy the parents.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My washing machine fixed by itself

Only picture I found with only Deborah and me.

Before my marriage ceremony Deborah (from somewhere in…) asked me, what I want as a gift in my marriage ceremony. I said I need a washing machine. Little costly for them, I am sure, first thing she thought is she shouldn’t ask this to me. I didn’t know, finally how they manage, but they managed to give a good washing machine from Toshiba. I started to use it after having my son.

Then both I and my elder sister start using it. It was going fine, after few months it started creating problem. First, timer stopped working, so I had to run it and stop it as I felt work is done. Then it stopped moving and reverses moving and stops taking rest while washing the cloths. My work increased, I had to start it then stop the power to give it rest again start to run it. And I also told my sister that every time I came to wash my cloths I found something is wrong, so please don’t use my washing machine. Sounds rude, but I didn’t have any option.

Then after few days when I start working alone with this machine, one day I found, it recovered its problem automatically, now both timer and reverse moving is working, its taking some rest while working. Everything is going fine. Great! I think it only likes me to use it.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

In the ocean of colorful balls

My son likes to play in the balls sea. I guess most of the child do, that’s why now a day most of the food court has a play ground with the pond of colorful balls.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shafeen’s photography

Dia, Ashiq and Shekha, Shafeen took ths family picture

Dia was very happy by his father's attitude

Shafeen took his own picture

Dia’s (my youngest sister’s daughter) photo session was going on. Faisal was taking all pictures. He also wanted to take Shafeen’s (my 3 years old son) picture. But Shafeen wanted to take pictures too not to be the model. So I gave him my cell phone Nokia N81, to take pictures. He did. He can’t stay in one place for a second, so most of the time because of his movement pictures didn’t came clear. But Dia was a very good model. Every time Shafeen took the camera, she gave a nice pose and didn’t move at all.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I took pictures of Faisal and Shafeen

Faisal and Shafeen at our baranda, here Shafeen was 4 days below to became 2 years old.

Generally I took most of the pictures of my son (Shafeen) and Faisal (husband). If I look at my picture folder, most of them are Shafeen’s or Faisal’s. Nobody is there to take my picture; actually I don’t want to take pictures of mine too. I don’t have the photogenic face, recently became too over weighted, so better to have pictures of my son and husband.