Thursday, May 31, 2012

Homemade food

Shafeen at a restaurant.

I am sick of this outside food. No taste, not healthy and confirmed to be ill (if you are living in Bangladesh, then you know this very well). It’s better to I try all at home, you just need a recipe and some materials (according to the recipe) then whatever you make is better than any restaurant. At least it will be fresh and not dangerous to become sick and will save some money too.
Today I started making pizza and Shafeen (my 3 years old son) was waiting eagerly (hey I made pizza for him many times, and he always loved it), then I found east isn't available at home. Then I make naan rooti (one kind of backed bread) for him with coriander leaf and fed him with kakrol bhaaji (sweet bitter gourd curry). I wish I could get 72 hours a day…. Then I could do all the things which I want to do every day.
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