Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Running other peoples mind

It’s an old game. People who want to run other people as they wish, they always plays some simple tricks. And in most cases it works. I know, it’s not good, we should let other people do whatever they think better. That’s why I never try this with other. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t try it on me. They did and succeed.

For example, somehow if I became little sick in office, one colleague or boss might give me advice, go home and take leave, you have couple of months leave pending. After few months you can easily come back and work again. First I thought no I can work with this sickness. But this info that I have couple of months leave which I can utilize get inside in my brain. So, I changed my mind (I have seen my first thought is always right), I told them OK, I am listening to you, and I will take my leave…. And you know what happen? They let me enjoy my leave and took my job. 
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