Saturday, May 19, 2012


Shafeen playing with a dummy spectacles and teddy bear, when he was just one year and 7 months old.

On those days, even now Shafeen likes to put everything he likes inside mouth

Don't worry, he is no trying to clean his ear, he is tried to wear the  specticles

I like glasses. I like people who wear glasses. For some reason, when doctor suggested me to wear glasses, I was in heaven. I went to Century Arched shopping mall (once was) to buy a new spectacles. Me and my dad choose a light one. I thought my nose can tolerate this. But I was wrong. Within few days I start feeling pain on my nose. My younger sister Sonia said no worry within 3 months everything will be adjusted. I tried for 6 months. Only pain increased. Now, whenever I thought to use any glasses, I start feeling pan over my nose.

 My son Shafeen likes glasses too. He has a sun glass too. He likes to wear it even at night and inside home.
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