Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eve teasing, one strong reason is movie

For eve teasing I believe one strong reason is movie. You don’t think so? Ok, fine, just pick one Bangladeshi movie (except the telefilms or films like that or art films) and notice what a hero does, before marry to the heroine. They disturbs them on the road, college, they pull their cloths, they push them to ground, some time do kiss them or hug them, they do all with their friends and finally we found actually he is a good person because he is the hero of the movie (Allah help me). Now, you can check the Indian movies too, in some of their movie you will find this too.

On this cell phone era, every boy have a cell phone and they watch movie clips (raping, hurting or just raging girls or boys) on it, from there they are also inspired to do the same thing for fun.

I believe movie makers should thing the total things in different way. They should show how to respect a woman and win her heart. Not to do stupid joking things, this is making her life miserable.
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