Thursday, June 7, 2012

I talk or argue, only with them, who understands

I don’t quarrel, with anybody (I did a lot with my sisters, in childhood). Even not with my husband (yes, we had many conversation, where I strictly disagree about his opinion). I don’t like quarreling or shouting.

In many ways I disagree with many person. I only talk about it if the person is ready to listen what I am telling them. If I found this person is standing stick with their opinion and no matter what I say they will not going listen to me, I don’t say anything to them. Why should I? So, there are many people who say many things to me and never get a reply. Because, no matter what I say, they will do, whatever they decide. So, don’t need to talk with them or argue with them about anything.

If you are not ready to listen to me, I won’t argue with you. 
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