Sunday, June 10, 2012

What more you want?

Dia and Shafeen cooking

I got to know about a girl. She is working in a good mobile operating company. She is living with husband and 2 kids. And now a day husband’s sister, brother, father (sometimes) and mother (occasionally). She spends all her money for her family and so that her husband can give his money to his parents and to raise his other siblings. He couldn’t save money for his own children future. His wife saves some but she had expended those in her husband’s sister marriage ceremony. Now what is the position of this wife to the family? Everybody love her for sacrificing everything to this family?

NO, no body from her in law side likes her. They want more. She kept 2 maids to work at home and take care of her children, while she works outside. Her husband’s family wants her to cook for them. They tell everyone they know that their sister in law isn’t good enough. She doesn’t cook for them! They don’t care whether she should live alive or not, no matter how hard she is working and expending money for them. They want more and more. They do different policies to make her cook. One day her father in law boiled some vegetables to eat, and then her brother in law asked to stop it, because it will reduce her work.

See, what a life of a woman in Bangladesh. And this condition is very natural in our social life. We don’t think that all are making a woman’s life miserable… We always encourage the groom’s family to be hard on their bride.
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