Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You should give gift to yourself

Shafeen at a shopping center

In this world, you have so many works, so many tensions, and so many goals to fulfill. So, when you complete any task, for achieve any goal or became tension free, you should give yourself a gift or a small treat. This might cross your budget but very helpful for your mind.

In our life we want everything, but real life doesn’t give us all. Some are easily achievable, but we don’t go for it because it will cost or take time etc. So, we never get all what our heart desires. So, when you want to give gift to yourself, you can give what your heart wanted for long time. This could be a spa, world tour, shopping, eating, sleeping, taking rest, watching movie etc.

I have given such gift to myself once. I went to agora and shop whatever I feel I need, and didn’t look at how much it cost. Finally I pay taka13000 for all shopping, nothing much, right? Don’t worry Faisal, this money wasn’t from our monthly budget and it’s been long time.
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