Thursday, July 26, 2012

Too much love isn’t good

Mejo khalu (my husband) and Dia (my youngest sister's daughter)

If you love anybody too much, don’t need to show them. Because it might make them tired (if they don’t love you that much), and they will try to run away from you.

When I was a kid, I loved all of my relatives and wanted love from them too. If I got on any ones lap, didn’t get down soon (I can’t remember, but I had heard this story many times). If any child came to our house to play I tried to keep them in our house by many ways. I talked with them nicely, gave them my toys, but you know nobody could stay. That’s the reality I learned it, after long time. If I desperate to hear my boy friend‘s voice, and call them frequently, they will feel disturbed (before married, I had disturbed my husband a lot). If I call to my husband too much, he won’t need to call me back. But I like to have his calls too.

If you want to say too many things to your boy friend, they won’t like it. So, no matter how much you love (may be like ocean) don’t need to express too much. Trust me, it’s good for you.

My son is doing same like me. He loves children and play with them. He loves too much who showed love to him. If they come or he goes to their house don’t want to let them go back or don’t want to come back home. Even from market if I start for home, he asked me to go to another market. This way actually he is scaring others to come to him. If anybody comes in our house, they knew, my son will fall in tears if they say anything about going back.

 I am trying hard, to teach my son, to let them go, who wants to go.  I told him if you let them go they will come back, if they really like you. Trust me my son. He is starting to realize the matter. Today, when his uncle wanted to go, he started crying but controlled himself and said “Allah hafiz, aabar aashben” (May Allah protect you, and come back soon), as I told him to say.

Then we had some mother son talk, I told him, see it worked, your uncle again came back and play with you. He said, yes mom, you were right.
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