Thursday, August 16, 2012

Everyone is buying flats in Dhaka city

When we see everyone is buying flat in Dhaka city and ensuring a home in this mega city, we can assume people has lots of money. And we start thinking it’s very easy to buy a flat. Just give money and get the flat. Well, in the advertisement, developing companies also says so, but actually it’s not.

Thousands of problems people faces when they buy a flat. Sometimes they pay and then flat builds. There is no time limit to build a house. Some flat developing works goes on and on. And never finishes.

In some case you a brought flat then found their papers are not OK or not ready to sale.

Sometimes you find that the condition of the flat isn’t good, again you have to invest money on color, floor, bathroom fittings, kitchen fittings etc.

Finally the price, it grows on and on, very difficult to win the race with it. If you are thinking you will save money and buy a flat… then it’s really very difficult.
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