Thursday, August 30, 2012

Girls are crazy for my son

My handsome son

Few days back I went to an office for some work, my son Shafeen (3 and half years old) was with me. I had to stand on a queue. After me a woman came with her daughter. In height she was little smaller than my son, her head was clean shaved (very usual scenario in Bangladesh), in one hand she was holding a chips packet and in other hand she was eating the chips.

I couldn’t keep my son stand in a place for a minute, he was running to other place and come back to me, jumping to see how the men are working in the table, wanted to work like them, trying to work on behalf of me etc. But he didn’t disturb anyone. I didn’t remove my eye from him. Well another person didn’t remove eye from him too, that little girl. When Shafeen stand beside and keep talking and jumping, that girl suddenly softly touched my son and keep stand with her mom. My son didn’t noticed, I told Shafeen that the baby wants to talk with you. Shafeen looked at her for some second, and then replied she is not talking. I said, she is too small to talk. Then shafeen again went back in his playing. The girl then took a piece of chips and hold in front of my son. I asked Shafeen the baby is now offering you chips. Shafeen looked at her; he was trained not to eat anything from a stranger, so he didn’t touch the chips. I told him, tell the baby, that your stomach is full so you won’t eat anything now. But my son isn’t strong enough to deny a lady in front of her. So, he kept quite. But the girl listened to me, so she took her hand back and put the chips into her mouth and again keep eating.

Hey, I was just making fun, I know, children always wants to play with another children.
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