Monday, September 3, 2012

Charger fan for load shedding (blackout)

Shafeen sleeping with a charger fan, he was 6 months 20days old

This is also a very common scenario in Bangladesh. We are always in short of power (electricity). Electricity production increases but consumer increased and increasing much faster, so that the production level never touches the need. So, we are very familiar with load shedding.

For my kid, we brought a charger fan; it gave at least 1 hour full speed fan. So, it’s very useful for us when my son sleeps. Before that I use to sit beside him at keep moving my hand fan, until power came. Sometimes I had to work like this for 3 hours… I did, for my son. You know, Bangladesh is in tropical country, in summer its really very difficult to stay without power or electricity.
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