Monday, September 24, 2012

Shamoly bus, business class

I don’t recommend you this bus. Recently I had ride on this bus. From outside it looks great. When you get inside you will like more. It has boxes at the top of your sits like airplane, to keep your small bags safe. They will provide blanket, if you want. Sits looks great, which are extra wide.

When we were waiting for the bus, in front of the counter, the bus suddenly came with speed that we had to run with my son. The bus driver quarreled with our other traveler that wanted to keep all bags in their favorite box. Later on, they shouted with every passenger who rides from different place. Even who go out for pee. This bus didn’t stop for even food or dinner but took 12 hours to reach Dhaka. Even they didn’t want to stop the bus in the first stoppages. Finally I lost my bag in the bus; either bus people or passenger took it.
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