Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bangladeshi don’t believes in riot

We the Bangladeshi people never believed in riot. Here, we are living many together for decades with all religious people. After Magreeb prayer when I start preparing for Salat ul Magrib, I can hear the bell ring of puja from Hindu people and also the sound of shankha. We don’t mind… we all have different view in religion and everyone is doing their own.

I have seen Mandir and Masjeed are placed in one place. Only a boundary wall is dividing two places. But people don’t disturb each other’s prayer.

In cox’s bazaar, all tourist, no matter from which religion they come from, went to visit the Buddha Mandir. They give money to them, not to the God, but for the Bangladeshi people who are working over there.

We all Bangladeshi, we don’t believe in riot. We never made any riot. No matter who tries and play game with our religions and country, we won’t make any riot. Because, we are all Bangladeshi people and we don’t like riot.
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