Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dhaka city, when it gets changes

I think Dhaka, is one of the most rapid changing city of this world. In every occasion or situation it gets changes. And again it took no time to get back on its own face.

During flood most of the road gone under the water. Then only boats were available to transport. People use to call a boat, fix the rent then went to their destination. On that moment, it seems we were always lived like that.

In election time, every minute there will be a rally with placard. You will feel, this is a never ending moment and will always like to know which party is now making their rally.

One day before Eid I went out for some reason and I found traffic jam of the city has gone. Felt better. Then everywhere, I could see are cow dung and straw or cattle food. Some are selling some buying. People are going towards their home with a cow (mostly) or goat. Everyone was happy. It’s really a pleasure situation. It looks that Dhaka city was always lived with cattle.

After Eid, I had to go out again. This time again didn’t get any traffic jam. But when I was returning home at night, I have seen big jam in Shamoly road. I understood, Dhaka is becoming Dhaka again. The only Eid lightening I saw in on the Hotel Ruposhi Bangla and in front of its road island. In this Eid I saw few people (except people who are dating) go out with new dresses with children to have some good time in out. Some are going to the relatives houses with big bag of meat. This is the Dhaka situation in Eid Ul Azha. Nice time to enjoy.
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