Saturday, October 20, 2012

I don’t want to lose you, my friends

I am not asking you to do something for me, not asking to give me time, not even asking to call me or chat with me. Well if any day it needed I might ask that, but you are always free to say "no". I don’t expect anything from you, because I don’t want to lose you. Just be there and let your life going. Some day you may marry, have kid, and start new business or career. Have a good life. But don’t delete me from your life. I really don’t want to miss you.

I am your friend and well wisher. You can talk with me anytime for any reason, you can feel that your this friend is always there. You will never be alone.

I will not disturb you people anytime... that’s not my nature. We can see each other and see our work each other virtually. And always make give each other good times. So, please be there. And don’t make me miss you. I don’t want to miss you.
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