Friday, November 30, 2012

Intelligent people should understand this.

I like intelligent people. I feel comfort talking with them. But they have some major problems too. They understand many things. They can predict many situations. So, they things, they knows all. Problem is, that’s not the truth. There are many things still on this earth about which you don’t have any idea. Or whatever you predict, things are more attractive than that. Just don’t be so sure about anything.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The blue car

Shafeen was 1 year and 4 months old

Shafeen was 2 year and 2 months old

Tameem (my elder sister's son, the main owner of the car) and Shafeen, Shafeen was 2 year and 3 months old.

Shafeen and Dia (my youngest sister's daughter), Shafeen was  2 year and 9 months old.

This blue car was bought by our elder sister Sharmin. All thought, this tin made car won’t last long. Many of us get injured because of its unpolished body. Many times all said to our elder sister to sale this car. She didn't,  now even I don’t agree to sale this car. Here I should mention that I am the person who mostly gets injured by this car. Because my son always plays with it and keeps it at the middle of the room, so when I walk if I forget about the car the collapse happens, especially at night when the room is dark.

But despite of all negative things, children like to play with it. Generation after generation (well they are cousin brothers and sister) are playing with it. And they all still like it. So, we should think about their choice about this toy, before doing anything with it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Big politicians should visit places.

Shafeen and all are in trouble to pass a narrow path, Shafeen was 3 years and 9 months old. 

Few days back I went to a grocery shop near Buddha Mandir. On the road, I found everything is looking little more decent. I wonder what happen. Generally, no matter how wide or narrow the road is people will park rickshaw, car or van on it and you have to face trouble with these parking. On that day no parking was on the road. The hawkers, who always sit beside the road, actually they sit at the side and on the road, were removed. On that day I found the boy who use to sale banana always, now sitting inside a sub-road (which goes to the main road). People who always have time to gossip on the road with a tea stall, was not there. I asked to the boy (who sales banana) what happen. He said police removed all from the main road. I noticed in the tea stalls police are taking tea and snacks. And in the main road police and military vans are running.

I went to the grocery shop and asked one buyer what going on? He replied today is the “chibar daan dibosh” for Buddhist people. So, in the Mandir the prime minister will come with other foreign delegates.

Hmm, I felt good for the first time as big Politian will come to that place. Generally I don’t like to go near of them. Too much security (I agree it’s needed) make me annoyed. Even when they pass roads, they block the entire road and run the car like a king. I don’t like that either. They make problems not only for that road passers but creates traffic jam in the whole city. I think they should have their work area inside their government home. I guess it’s big enough to make a portion for both residential and official space. So, mango people won’t face more problems in road. They don’t have hassle to run in the road with lots of security people.

But that day I thought, maybe they needed to visit places sometimes. So that, may be on those moment we can see that our condition can be little better. May be for a little time, but it can be.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Shafeen and paper flower

Shafeen with paper flower, he was 1 year and 4 months old.

Shafeen likes flower. Especially to tear it out. Once his aunt (my elder sister Sharmin) brought him a paper flower. He liked if very much. Play with it for few days without tearing it.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Where to go?

When I was a school going girl, I read a Bangla novel “Rajputrer Vromon Kahini” in “Shishu” magazine published by Bangladesh Shishu Academy. There I read a very important line “if you found there is no law in a country, you shouldn’t live there”. I still remember the story, specially this line. I believe this is very true. You can’t live a place where you don’t get justice.

Now, I also think it again, where should I go? Where is the justice? Whoever claims that they always give justice do they really do? Don’t they kill people in other country? Don’t they harass people in Airport only because their name is related with a religion? Don’t they have any corruption? Where is the justice? But you know everything has a level. In some country people kill, create problem, and hijack money openly, without any fear. Where, you can even think to take help from people who are from justice department. People live on that country too. All doesn’t have choice or capability to live anywhere that they like to. Or live in the way that they want. Or change the things as they should have.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I had to avoid angry people.

Shafeen took his picture by himself

There are many people on this earth who gets anger very frequently. They shout, use slang, and sometimes use hands too. May be as a human they are very good, may be they have many good qualities. May be they are very successful in life. But I like to keep distance from them. I can’t tolerate angers.

This angry attitude has in too many persons in my life. For every one I use one formula, keep distance, talk less and never argue. Because I don’t want to see them shouting on me and use those words which they shouldn't ever tell me. I have rejected (don’t allow to come near me, indirectly) 3 persons only because of their anger. If we remove this anger from them, they could one of the best men in this world. May be some people never gets angry with me, but I have seen their anger with others. So, I could assume if anyhow they gets angry with me (I am not a perfect person), they will do the same or worse.

Even I avoid or don’t say more than necessary words with some of our relatives too, because I can’t tolerate their anger. I know, you all will hate me to know that I keep some distance with my mother too. Because she is an angry person too. In my childhood she beaten up me only for her anger (sometimes I wasn't the cause of her angry). I love her, help her but maintain some distance. Because sometimes these angry people make my headache, then I had to take painkiller, relaxing tab and go for long sleep only to live.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Praying time

Shafeen praying, he was 1 year and 4 months old.

Shafeen don’t want to miss his praying. He knows how to make Tayammum. Rub the wall and then rub his hair… that’s it J tayammum done. Because Ammu (me) said, aju (wudu) is for elders, if he does aju it may cause getting cold. I had to say this because whenever he gets chance to touch water, he never stops until I make him stop.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I may not help anyone to survive, but I am not helping people to kill other people.

My son saw the cartoon picture where a mother is hold a kid with tears and missiles are falling down on them. And his question started. What’s happening here? Why bad guys throwing bombs there? Are bad people stronger than them? Why don’t they buy strong bomb to protect themselves? Why other people don’t give them strong bomb? Why mother is so sad, etc. To tell you the truth I don’t have the answers either, but I had to answer all. My son never gives me any other option. But he wasn't satisfied. So he made his own story.

He said actually the boy redirecting the missiles with the paper plane, because a plane is stronger than bomb. So, they are safe now. And I had to say, yes, you are right.

After born I always buy toiletries for my son which are not from “Johnson & Johnson”. All says to me, what are you doing? This is the best brand for a kid. I replied, not for my kid. I may not help anyone to survive, but I am not helping people to kill other people.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fence for child

A mom who needs to work alone, sometimes fall in very difficult to keep an eye on the child and do other works. I think in that case they can use this (shown in the picture) kind of fence for child. Your child can play inside the barrier nicely and you don’t have to worry that your child might have gone anywhere and doing something which can be harmful for them.

Here Shafeen was 1 year and 4 months old. He was playing in “Salt Grill” a food court in Bashundhara city complex. Now a day they changed a lot in decoration. I didn’t visit for a long time. We liked “Capricorn” more now.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mistakes, can’t be wipe out

Shafeen (my 3 years and 11 months old son) did a mistake, he knows. I didn’t notice. Our conversation was like that…

Shafeen: “Sorry mom”.
Me: looked at him and realize what he did.
Shafeen: “Do you know why I say sorry to you?”
Me: “Yes, why did you do this mistake? I have warned you several times not to do this.”
Shafeen: “I always try not to do this mistake, but this stupid mistake never let me go. It forced me to do the mistake”.
Me: “May be you need to punch out this mistake by yourself”.
Shafeen: “Oh no, you can’t touch it mom, it’s inside my stomach”
I found nothing more to say

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shafeen playing with chicken

Shafeen is playing with chicken, he was 1 year and 3 months old.

Shafeen liked to play with chicken (now he likes only car and gun, natural effect from computer game). He had 3 chickens (toy). Now only one left in broken condition.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Why boy’s things like that?

Why boy’s things like that? They found evidence that the girl is falling in love with them, in her every movement. If a girl went to their house for books, if a girl look at him by thinking he is a known person of her and then realize he is someone else, she laughed at him for any reason, she stand on the roof which side the boys house stays, she likes any of his quality like writing, playing, singing or anything else, accidently touches body, does all means she fall in love with the guy? Oh! Come on!

If any of this happens, boys start believing that girl has lost her in me. Now his reaction will be in two ways. One he will also start liking the girl (or will only show that he also like her to see the drama) or will run away to avoid her.

Actually all are doing wrong here. Any person can like any person’s good quality; it doesn’t mean, they fall in love with each other. I like Sharatchandra chattapaddhay, he is my favorite writer, and I like Humayun Ahmed’s writing, and will that mean I love everything of them? I just like their writing.

I found thousands of boys who felt like that. I really felt sorry, why this happening? Can’t I talk, move, drink water, and say hi or anything? Why always boys get wrong vibe from me? What have I done? When I was in university once I told this to one of my friend. They said, I should feel proud of that. If boys thinking like that, let them thinking and enjoy all moments. That made me feels better, no doubt. But I really never felt proud of these things. I always tried to remove this wrong info from their mind. And everywhere I get the same result. Those people never want to keep any communication with me, and start hating me. Now I became the bad person.

May be I should enjoy those moments and let them have all kind of wrong thinking, because, no matter what I do, at the end, all will blame me. So, why felt bad? I should take all as natural habit of boys. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Are you thinking to make any id “unfriend”? Then think twice.

Are you thinking to get rid of something and want to make them “unfriend” in “facebook”? Think twice. Because once you make them unfriend you can’t block them at all. After making “unfriend” their stories only remove from your “news feed” page. Anytime if they want they can visit your page and see what you keep as public and you may also go and visit their pages. Both you and them can comment, like or share any story of your or them. And you can’t stop it no matter how you want later, because you can’t block each other.

Another thing, once you “block” any facebook id, both you and they won’t see each other’s movement. In any weak moment, you might want to see what are they doing, you can unblock them, and can see what is happening. Then what? No you can’t block them now. Now both of you will be like “unfriend”, only each other’s news won’t show on your news feed.

Same situation you will face in Yahoo messenger too.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Small tip to reduce your electricity bill with AC

Shafeen took this picture, well he actually took his mom's picture which I had to cut from left side.

Few days back my AC remote became out of order. I went to a tour to Cox’s bazaar, after returning home I found that the remote isn’t working. I realize I should have removed all the batteries from the remote control before I leave. From then my AC (butterfly 1.5ton) setting is still in 24c and I had to switch on and off directly from the switch.

After ending the month I have found that my electricity bill became tk500 less than previous months. That’s a good tip to reduce your bill. You know, everything has a good side and bad side.

I have contacting the sales center, they said this kind of remote control can’t be fix, I have to buy a new one, which will cost tk3000.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Shafeen in my dress

Shafeen with my red t-shirt

Children always like to wear elders dress. When I was young we (all sisters) use to wear our mom’s sharee. Now my boy is following me. In this picture, my son wore my t-shirt. He was 1 year and 3 months old. I bought it for my gym class once.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The bird is dead

I am afraid of birds. No laughing, it’s true. When they fly, or do other things, its looks great, from little far away. I can’t go closer to them. I can’t touch them. When they shake their body, bring out their sharp nails, or just sit beside me and I can see their heart is beating high from the movement of their body, something happens to me, I can’t tolerate.

You will ask me, don’t you eat bird meat. Of course I do. But I can’t hold a living bird. I just can’t, especially crow. I have seen this bird to kill other bird and eat. I always try to avoid them (something that impossible in Dhaka city). When I start cooking, I always bought pieces of chicken from shopping mall. But it is little expensive. So, I am now buying whole prepared chicken from shopping mall. Still my hand shakes in fear when I hold them and put them in refrigerator and again when I had to cut it in pieces.

When I was in school, my mom regularly send me to the roof to bring out the dry cloths. Allah knows how difficult it was for me only because of crows. It flies over my head, don’t get afraid of me. Always sit on the wall and watch me what I am doing. I tried to fly them away. But some never get afraid of me.

Yesterday in the morning, after 8am, I was working with the laptop, suddenly a sparrow get into my room. On that moment my windows were close, even 2 out of 3 doors were close too. Only one was open which was to go to the dining room, I don’t know from which way it came but it came, a male sparrow. It starts flying and my heart was almost stopping beating. Within a second I made up my mind that I have stop the fan first, then have to turn off the light, so the bird can understand which way it has to go out. My eyes were on the bird, it was flying over, every moment I am thinking it will fall on me, and my hands were on the switch board. And the mistake happened, instead of fan I turn of the light, next moment I turned on the light again but it was too late. I heard the noise that the bird gets hit by the fan. It falls beside me but standing up on the cable of the TV. I thought OK, and then it can go out by itself. I turned off the fan, and waiting to get it stops totally. But the bird wasn’t in good condition, it fall down and start making noises. I understand, now it can’t go out by itself, and I also can’t touch it. I get into the mosquito net and take my cell phone. My son woke up and start asking me, what is going on, from where the noise is coming. I showed him the bird, and tell him the situation shortly. He is asking me, why you are so afraid of bird, will it eat you. I said, no, but I can’t help it. I called my mom, and ask her to come and take the bird away. Before she came… it died. My mother took the bird away, blood was still there. I even can’t clean up the blood. I just can’t.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Need to make a music archive

Yesterday after 4pm, I was feeling little exhausted and laydown on bed to take a sharp 10 minutes nap. My TV card was turned on. On that moment a program was going on with the singer Subir Nandi (my favorite) in My TV (channel). I close my eyes and he start singing
“Oi raat daake, oi chaand daake
Hay tomay amay.
Valobashar ronge ronge
Valobashar ronge rogne
Aami shajabo tomay”
What a song! What a melody! And more over what a singer! It touches heart. On that moment I remember a person’s suggestion (I heard them on TV music program, they called through phone and give this suggestion, I really agree with them) that we still have some living legend with us. Like Subir nandi, Rathindraw nath, Firoza begom, Shabnam mustary, Syed Abdul Haadi, Sabina Yeasmin, Runa lila, Shadi and many more. We shoud make a musical archive. There with latest technology we can record their songs for our next generation. From that archive anyone can take copy of any song (may be with pay). Otherwise this voices and songs will be lost. We have them and we do not understand what will happen when we lost them. We can’t make another Firoza begam.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Let them go, if they want to go.

When people fall in love then they can’t see anything (that means the real situation where they are falling). The only priority comes in front of them is love. No matter what happen love should stay. Even some people accept death instead of losing love. By the way, all people are not same.

Some shows they are very smart; they think about the situation in every angel and decide what to do next. They are really intelligent people. They broke others heart, say we are really feeling sorry about that (actually not, because they always very selfish, all decision goes only for their own benefit) situation. Ultimately when these people get marry (or took the final decision of their life) I never saw they make a very good choice. Sometimes I felt the previous one was better than this.

If I judge myself, then I am always in the foolish section. People play with my mind; take my attention by showing how poor condition they are facing without me. But I always stand for my love. When I made promise that I will never leave you, I never did, even after that person decided to leave me.

But one good lesson I had learnt, that we should not force the situation, especially the family decision. It is good that they break our heart once, not every day. Or force to any person to love you no matter how hard you want. If he wants to leave you now, he might want that next also.

When I decided to get marry, my hubby’s family didn’t like me. But we stay together. We didn’t force our family but waited for years. Finally (still don’t know why) they changed their mind, and we got married. But in their heart they never accept me, they found nothing good at me. Even I didn’t know myself that I have this much negative things. Did I get marry to get this situation? No. Now I understand that when they showed that they don’t want me, I should have back up.

In any kind of relation, if any person ever shows that they don’t want me I should step back, no matter what kind of misunderstanding going on between my friends. This could be in facebook friend, chat friend, off line friend, ex-colleague anything. I should not look for them ever. I have to make myself strong.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Messages from Banglalink

Few days back accidently my cell phone number subscribed with Banglalink (mobile operator) “love quote”. For your kind information, I didn't do this mistake. These messages are very nice. Those bring a nice smile on my face in the morning for last four days. Good for the lovers who wants to send something like that through mobile message. I am giving all four down here. Check it by yourself.

1.       First day, “I love you more today than I did yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorrow”

2.       Second day, “It must have been a rainy day! When you were born. Heaven was crying coz it lost its most beautiful angel”

3.       Third day, “Sometimes the one thing you are looking for is the one thing you can’t see”

4.       Fourth day, “Love makes life so confusing, but without love would you really want to live”

     I tried to stop this service after 2 months, because then they became irregular on sending messages. As I got instruction from the sms, I typed “stop love” then send it to 2345. But they didn't stop this service, even they are renewing their service twice a month (cutting money from my account), generally service should take money once in a month.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I, with my friends shouldn’t have any misunderstanding

I might like to have someone’s company; I like to be their friend, unless I felt that they want me to go. I always make this mistake, when anyone make good behave with me, I start thinking they are like my friends. I like to keep communication with them. But you know, someday I might find that actually they don’t want my company, its OK  Sorry, that I didn't understand it before. What can I do, I am so stupid.

I can like a person as a friend; can keep communication with them, does it mean that I am cheating my husband? No way. My husband knows I have friends, many of them are boys. And he also knows I always keep some short of distance with them. I like them; I chat, call, discuss, and help them when they have any problem. I like their company; it doesn't mean that I will forget my son and his father.

I might like my friends company; I will like spend time with them, when they are my friends. Misunderstanding can be happen with friends, it doesn't mean they will hurt each other. If anybody can hurt me, again and again, then whatever they are, they don’t like me, and I better not disturb them. I can’t be a disturbing element of anybody’s life.

If you want me to go, I will leave you immediately. No matter how I feel, I can’t force anybody to like me. My husband also knows that. If I know he likes someone else, not me, I will not force him to love me… he can forget me, but his son.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Working as a sub writer

I am an article writer. I am a blogger too. I like blogging. That’s why I started writing. Now I started writing on a magazine too. Everywhere I write whatever I feel. When I write, I always keep myself in front of me, and keep telling myself, what I want to say. And this is exactly what I write. My audience is me.

I took work from net as a freelancer. People give me keywords to write articles. I write and submit. Then never could claim for that work. Mostly I am working as a sub writer. That means a well-known writer give me writing job. I write for them. As clients didn’t give me work directly so I can’t say in my profile that I have done this company’s job. Still my work profile looks empty. So, any new company will not recruit me that I don’t have any work experience. And also as a sub writer I am getting very low payment. After working for hours then getting very low payment isn’t making me satisfy in my work. Because writing became my passion, I am writing with a very low pay.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

We have solar panel for street light now?

Yesterday, to search “Samsung TV service center “we had to run in the city in light rain. From online we got an address that it’s in CityHeart Market, Nayapaltan. So, we went there. Suddenly I have seen solar panel on every light post. Are they started working? If these start working then really we can save a lot of energy for our national grid. This may be old news for all. But for me it’s new and an effective step on using solar panel everywhere. By the way we didn’t find the service center over there, even there is no TV show room on that area.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Encouraging words in study

Tameem and Shafeen are studying together. Shafeen was 1 year and 2 months old.

Shafeen (my son) wanted to study with his cousin bro Tameem always. To encourage Tameem in study his mom (my elder sister) told him, Shafeen is faster in learning than you. Shafeen is taking less time in memorizing your study things. I don’t how much it encouraged Tameem on study, but one thing happen, after that Tameem declared, he will not study if Shafeen stays in that room. From then Tameem never study with Shafeen.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A nice fragrance

Yesterday, when I was saying my Zahar prayer after 2pm, suddenly I smell a nice fragrance which stayed few minutes. It’s from any perfume or deodorant. First I thought, my husband must have dropped his cloth here and there (he has very bad habit of it) and the fragrance might be coming from there. I looked all around me, didn’t find anything. Then I thought, may be my son is playing with the bottle of a body spray. No, he was playing game on my cell phone. Then I thought, my husband might have forgotten to close the bottle (he has this bad habit too). I look on my wardrobe, but again all bottles are nicely closed. I really couldn’t found, from where this fragrance came. Now only one thing can happen. Someone near our flat used it and so I got the fragrance.

After prayer I finished my cooking and sit for lunch. While taking lunch, I opened facebook, and saw one of my facebook friend is also sayed something about fragrance. What a coincidence!