Thursday, November 1, 2012

A nice fragrance

Yesterday, when I was saying my Zahar prayer after 2pm, suddenly I smell a nice fragrance which stayed few minutes. It’s from any perfume or deodorant. First I thought, my husband must have dropped his cloth here and there (he has very bad habit of it) and the fragrance might be coming from there. I looked all around me, didn’t find anything. Then I thought, may be my son is playing with the bottle of a body spray. No, he was playing game on my cell phone. Then I thought, my husband might have forgotten to close the bottle (he has this bad habit too). I look on my wardrobe, but again all bottles are nicely closed. I really couldn’t found, from where this fragrance came. Now only one thing can happen. Someone near our flat used it and so I got the fragrance.

After prayer I finished my cooking and sit for lunch. While taking lunch, I opened facebook, and saw one of my facebook friend is also sayed something about fragrance. What a coincidence!
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