Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I, with my friends shouldn’t have any misunderstanding

I might like to have someone’s company; I like to be their friend, unless I felt that they want me to go. I always make this mistake, when anyone make good behave with me, I start thinking they are like my friends. I like to keep communication with them. But you know, someday I might find that actually they don’t want my company, its OK  Sorry, that I didn't understand it before. What can I do, I am so stupid.

I can like a person as a friend; can keep communication with them, does it mean that I am cheating my husband? No way. My husband knows I have friends, many of them are boys. And he also knows I always keep some short of distance with them. I like them; I chat, call, discuss, and help them when they have any problem. I like their company; it doesn't mean that I will forget my son and his father.

I might like my friends company; I will like spend time with them, when they are my friends. Misunderstanding can be happen with friends, it doesn't mean they will hurt each other. If anybody can hurt me, again and again, then whatever they are, they don’t like me, and I better not disturb them. I can’t be a disturbing element of anybody’s life.

If you want me to go, I will leave you immediately. No matter how I feel, I can’t force anybody to like me. My husband also knows that. If I know he likes someone else, not me, I will not force him to love me… he can forget me, but his son.
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