Saturday, November 10, 2012

Need to make a music archive

Yesterday after 4pm, I was feeling little exhausted and laydown on bed to take a sharp 10 minutes nap. My TV card was turned on. On that moment a program was going on with the singer Subir Nandi (my favorite) in My TV (channel). I close my eyes and he start singing
“Oi raat daake, oi chaand daake
Hay tomay amay.
Valobashar ronge ronge
Valobashar ronge rogne
Aami shajabo tomay”
What a song! What a melody! And more over what a singer! It touches heart. On that moment I remember a person’s suggestion (I heard them on TV music program, they called through phone and give this suggestion, I really agree with them) that we still have some living legend with us. Like Subir nandi, Rathindraw nath, Firoza begom, Shabnam mustary, Syed Abdul Haadi, Sabina Yeasmin, Runa lila, Shadi and many more. We shoud make a musical archive. There with latest technology we can record their songs for our next generation. From that archive anyone can take copy of any song (may be with pay). Otherwise this voices and songs will be lost. We have them and we do not understand what will happen when we lost them. We can’t make another Firoza begam.
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