Sunday, November 25, 2012

Where to go?

When I was a school going girl, I read a Bangla novel “Rajputrer Vromon Kahini” in “Shishu” magazine published by Bangladesh Shishu Academy. There I read a very important line “if you found there is no law in a country, you shouldn’t live there”. I still remember the story, specially this line. I believe this is very true. You can’t live a place where you don’t get justice.

Now, I also think it again, where should I go? Where is the justice? Whoever claims that they always give justice do they really do? Don’t they kill people in other country? Don’t they harass people in Airport only because their name is related with a religion? Don’t they have any corruption? Where is the justice? But you know everything has a level. In some country people kill, create problem, and hijack money openly, without any fear. Where, you can even think to take help from people who are from justice department. People live on that country too. All doesn’t have choice or capability to live anywhere that they like to. Or live in the way that they want. Or change the things as they should have.
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